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    Dear Friend,
    Your decision to purchase this course may be one of the smartest moves
    you've ever made!
    This book delivers on every promise I've made in my advertising. Every
    money-making idea you?re about to read has been tested and is proven to
    work. These ideas have already made vast amounts of money for myself
    and others I?ve taught, and I?m confident you will make money too once
    you know my secrets!
    There are so many great ideas in this course that they can?t be organized
    into entirely distinct sections. You?ll find lots of tips and techniques
    throughout each lesson that will relate to a variety of topics, so don?t be
    thrown off if an idea seems a little off the lesson title at first.
    You will notice I say, ?we used? some technique or another, but this is not
    technically correct. Initially, I did everything in this course on my own and
    I ran all of my businesses personally. But because sales grew so much, I
    first had to hire a secretary who came in a couple of hours per day to
    handle the administrative work, then later growing to an office of over 3
    employees and now an office of over 20 staff members. This is why I often
    use the plural when talking about what I do.
    I come up with ideas and know what I want done, and my employees
    complete tasks like placing ads, testing banners, surfing the net and
    tracking orders. This makes it easier for me to use my time efficiently so I
    can spend it where money can be made. Whether that means developing
    new ideas, testing ads, writing copy or exploring new marketing methods, I
    do it all, and you can too!