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Sep 18, 2009
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I'm looking for an individual who can create and maintain 10 or so twitter accounts.

You will need to add friends related to a keyword which I will give you. Around 500 per account

You will need to post regular looking posts in between advertisements
i.e. "getting lunch now"

You will need to post a good amount of advertising twitter updates and direct messages throughout the day (2 hour intervals).

My pay is very reasonable, and will be negotiated upon contact. I'm a firm believer in paying good money for good quality work. PM me, SERIOUS OFFERS ONLY - I'm looking for a LONG TERM business relationship.
Ive got the hummingbird program for sorting twitter accounts, and what your asking seems relatively easy, my questions are:

how many hours a day do you want the postings and what sort of work plan would you like me to work to?

And how much are you paying, could do with a bit of freelance work at the moment?

PM with details, thanks...

I am pretty much interested in it and I am a dedicated person. I can maintain and create new accounts for you. I just want to that if you need new account how many account do you want to create a day. I have got all the tools for twitter. So, I guess what you are talking about is relatalively easy for me.. Please PM me for me more detail like payment and anything you want to know..
I would like to know Time schedule. How much working in day ??

how much would you pay for ??

let me know PLs
pms sent, offer still up. remember, SERIOUS offers only please
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