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Day-parting - A mean to boost your revenue

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by mobidea team, Jul 8, 2015.

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    May 19, 2015
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    Even if it is true that the profit of mediabuyer depends a lot on some factors which you can not predict but which influence dramatically on your margin, such as national holidays and strikes in countries of investment, technical breakdowns of one of the partner, mood of account manager and even personal luck and positions of stars in the sky, the goal of this article is to show how with simple trick you can increase the profit of your campaigns. So, day-parting is the topic of the day.

    It is not a secret that there is a variation of profit within a day. In some geos it is almost not visible, but in others, particular hours are booming comparing to others. The best option for mediabuyer is to have his/her own stats on such trends by cross-marching costs and revenues from ad and affiliate networks. Exoclick, for example, provides pixel or postback option in order to track sales which makes it easier to optimize traffic by hour. TrafficFactory and Reporo as well give you stats by hour.

    If you want to check some deep stats - feel free ask your affiliate manager to provide you a report on ecpm variation by hours for specific geo based on overall traffic. So, you ll have general idea on traffic behaviour and make decision on optimization steps and launches of more profitable tests.

    Then, if you see that your campaign is break-even or even loss-making and you have already made all optimization steps and it did not help, check if there are some hours which are actually bringing you revenue (to make such decision of course you have to have relevant stats) and use this info in order to see if there is a way to optimize more.

    Another case, if a campaign is bringing you a good margin, but competition is high and you cannot keep this margin by increasing bid or cap - think on creating exactly the same campaign with higher bid but for your most profitable hours - like this you will acquire more volume of traffic with the best performance.

    In that amazing case when you have first position and you are profitable, what you can do and at the same time play safe - duplicate the campaign in order to grab more impressions during the best performing hours.
    Here are 2 real examples of campaigns - in a red frames you can see hours with the highest comparing to average eCPA (or ecpm in second example), so these hours can be loss-making and we should consider additional optimization within these hours. From other hand, in green frames you can see hours which are stably bringing more conversions - this is the sign to create one additional campaign exclusively for this hours in order to grab more traffic volume.


    Moreover, if you are using SmartCPM in Exoclick, you can notice if CPM increases in particular hours - this means the competitor intervenes and raises the bid for these hours. In case you are not using SmartCPM or you are working on different adnetwork, if you see that there is a drop of traffic for specific hours, it means that some guy is overbidding in order to get this traffic. So, using this info you can adapt your campaigns as well.

    Hope these tips will help you and stars in the sky will enter the most profitable position for you!

    Good luck to all!