digital marketing

  1. TooCorny

    If you had 1 Million Dollars to Start an Ecommerce.... What would your Perfect Traffic Acquisition Strategy Be?

    Title says it all You have 1 million dollars to start a Shop in any niche (Home decor, cosmetics, etc...) How would you distribute you budget among the different traffic sources available to get the most out of it. You name it: SEO, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Tiktok Ads, Organic Social Media...
  2. mahediblog

    Back pain with design background : Need to change the sector

    Hey guys, Doing IT related work since 2007 and print-on-demand since 2014. You know this is a kind of sitting job. Now I've severe back pain. Badly need to change this design sector. I have experience in Graphic & Web Design, Crypto Trading, Email Marketing, PPC Advertising etc. Want to make a...
  3. Norman_drey

    Starting an E-commerce digital marketplace

    I wanna create an E-commerce marketplace where users can buy and sell digital items online, what do I need to know before diving into this. What's your suggestions
  4. crystalwiz

    Using Suggesty chrome extension? Think again

    So I came across this chrome extension branded as Suggesty. It is intended to make Googler and lazy-ass people's life easier. While it's undoubtedly a great idea that I find useful in some instances if you want the search engine to quickly give you an idea, the tool is NOT 100% accurate and...
  5. annsalinas

    The Role of AI In Digital Marketing

    AI is playing an increasingly important role in digital marketing. Here are some ways AI is being used to improve digital marketing campaigns: 1. Identifying customer needs and preferences: AI can help identify patterns in customer behavior and preferences, allowing businesses to better target...
  6. kendzalo

    [JV] Our Digital Agency + Your Lead Generation

    Hello, We are a digital agency specializing in SMM, SEO, PPC, Web Development, and Design. Currently, we have a couple of customers but are looking into ways to expand. We are always looking for new talents to bring to the team. We will pay you a commission for each paying customer you bring...
  7. ViP


    Quick overview of what "Digital marketing leads" are, click here Requirements: 1. Registered on BHW for over a month 2. You got a good reputation 3. You don't have a similar service 4. You will write a DETAILED review in our BST thread when it gets opened How to apply: 1. Do not PM me 2. Just...
  8. dozerspares

    Hey everyone

    New to the forum but have been reading posts and have already found some good insights. Looking forward to learning more.
  9. brandonwood

    What is the latest most important trend in digital marketing?

    Can anyone tell me What is the latest and most important trend in digital marketing?
  10. R


    Hello BHW community, I'm new here gor gathering some vital knowledge. I hope I will get my desired things from one of the world biggest forum. Thanks
  11. Taivs

    Someone can help me? - How to spy top afilliates

    So, recently I bough adspy and semrush to spy my competitors, I work with digital marketing about a year, I creat my own stuff since I started and I already have really great results doing that. A friend of mine told me that I can spy my "competitors" and remodel their stuffs, like ads...
  12. Aman rawat11

    Some best ways to get good results in Off page SEO?

    hi guyz. I'm doing SEO but not getting results! can anyone give me some tips how can i succeed in SEO?
  13. Aman rawat11

    what are the top digital marketing trends in India?

    I'm looking for some top Digital Marketing trends in India? If someone can help me please do reply.
  14. Aman rawat11

    How to access blackhat world? how can we get the best out of this platform?

    Hey! i'm a Newbie here and want know more about this platform in deeply. if someone can help me i'm grateful to them.
  15. Negi Ji

    What are your views on Data scientist/anylyst?

    Hey guys, I am thinking of switching my career to be a data scientist so is anyone here working as a data scientist or data analyst? I just want to know the challenges faced by the beginner in this industry and what are the disadvantages of this as online everyone talks about the salary, future...
  16. mubashirshakoor

    What will be the price for the site

    I have a site MOZ DA 11 The spam score is 1 20 months old domain 20+ articles published on the site On-page SEO done Off-page SEO done Domain Authority is 11 Page Authority is 33 Niche is Blogging
  17. jack_robert


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  18. T


    Hi, Newbie Here, Just started working in consulting as a digital business manager and looking to learn more about digital marketing. Open to book and course suggestions.
  19. P

    suggest me some tools of free content writing?

    suggest me some tools of free content writing?? i am very tired about it....please suggest me some valuable free content writing tools....
  20. P

    Hone digital Marketing Skills

    Hi everyone, Lately I have been learning about digital marketing and I want to be better and hone my skills in this field. What are some tips and tricks that you may share with me to make this more comprehensive to me. Thanks.