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    Greetings, Digital Mavericks! Meet Darshan Hiranandani

    Hey there, fellow digital enthusiasts and aspiring entrepreneurs! I'm absolutely thrilled to be stepping into this dynamic community as your dedicated digital marketing expert, ready to ignite your online presence and propel your digital ventures to soaring heights. My name is Darshan...
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  3. T

    Digital marketing and SEO

    Can someone explain to me what is the difference in digital marketing and SEO? I can't figure out is that the same thing or two thigs that go hand to hand. Watching and reading this posts, don't get it, to be honest. It's sounds to me that people are using made up words. What is SEO? What is...
  4. H

    Best products to affiliate myself and best strategies

    Hi, I already have theorical knowledge on affiliate marketing but very few practical experience. I would like to know how can I discover top performing digital products to sell as an affiliate and what strategies can I use to sell them, with and without investment.
  5. Md Sahid Mia

    1000+ Unique Articles in 1-Click ✅ AI site sold at $34k USD❤️100K monthly traffic❤️High-Quality, SEO & Human-Like ✅WP Auto P...

    Write 1000 articles & auto-post to your WordPress & Blogger site automatically just in 1-click! Affpilot AI site getting 100k monthly traffic. In this thread, you can see tons of success story like this. All you have to do is input a list of keywords and Affpilot will write articles on...
  6. S

    How to increase website traffic with SEO support?

    Increasing website traffic through SEO (Search Engine Optimization) involves optimizing your site so that search engines like Google can better understand its content and rank it higher in search results. Here are some strategies to help you boost your website traffic with SEO support: Keyword...
  7. Yachtlifebro

    New (Kind Of)

    I used to be a member of this forum as a child, and it's actually the reason I'm now in digital marketing and software development. Back then, I earned money by boosting YouTube views with email affiliates and attaching cookies to **** affiliates, among other things. Now, almost 20 years later...
  8. D

    Smurf Cat token

    I’m sure some of you have heard of the viral Smurf cat meme from tik tok. It had me thinking about the Pepe token and meme that went crazy recently. Why isn’t there a token out there for this Smurf cat meme. I mean it seems very ideal.
  9. gBraid

    I want Digital Marketing Projects (SEO, PPC, ORM, Content marketing) Can Anyone Help me?

    I am looking for interesting digital marketing projects that I can work on to gain more experience and build my portfolio. With over 4 years of experience in areas like search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, online reputation management (ORM), and content marketing, I...
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  11. Mindmade Technologies

    Anybody Here Using Any AI for your Content Marketing?

    Hi Guyz, Anybody Here Using Any AI for your Content Marketing? If you are please why you using it? and what makes you to use it?
  12. Mindmade Technologies

    Relaying too much on AI!

    Hi Guyz, I Would Like to know about your thoughts on this, Relaying too much on AI Sounds like a Drawback or Mistake or something that is not right for me. And Do you think about it?
  13. V

    Newbie is here

    Hi, I am new here in BHW, I am seeking new career growth in the Digital world. Hope I will get good earnings in the Future from the best guidance and help from respected BHW members. Thanks
  14. KingDigital

    Anybody have experience running ads for medical subscription online store websites? Trying to get ads approved...... is SEO the answer?

    I have an online wordpress website with a pharamaceutical shopping cart system that allows me to sell prescription medication online. The issue is my google ads and also facebook ads keep getting disapproved. Is there any grey area work arounds to get my ads up and running? or is the only...
  15. Mindmade Technologies

    What is the effective and your favorite way to socialize with your audience?

    Hi guyz, I am not able to post this question on exactly on the relevant category, That's why I am asking on this, What is the effective and your favorite way to socialize with your audience?
  16. Mindmade Technologies

    Ways to Find Out Voice Searched keywords?

    Hi Guyz, What are the ways to find out voice searched keywords in order to optimize your websie for voice searches Rankings issues?
  17. Ankitpal888

    How to optimize Google Ads Search Affiliate Campaign?

    Hello everyone, I need help. I have been running a Google ad affiliate for more than 2 weeks. The ROI is too low and the campaign is going to lose. How can I optimize them to get positive ROI? Kindly share your experience. What are the best possible ways and tips to optimize the campaign? What...
  18. Mindmade Technologies

    Ways to promote a Blog post?

    Hi, I like to know! What are the ways that you guys do to promote your Blog post? and Which is the most effective ways that you choose to promote Blog posts?
  19. ValdisD

    AI Influencers in Digital Marketing

    Hey digital marketers, as the topic here is AI. I'd like to dive into a new trend (my opinion) that's been making waves in our industry – the rise of AI influencers. Recently I watched the movie "Her" where a lonely writer develops an unlikely relationship with an operating system designed to...
  20. Scofield_0

    New to BHW!

    Hello All, I have recently joined the forum, looking forward to some interesting topics and conversations on digital/ internet marketing. Feel free to suggest me interesting reads! Have a great day!
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