Dating Email Data Management - We will deliver your traffic for you!

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    Are you generating fresh dating leads daily???

    We can help you deliver an initial offer (if needed) and well beyond with our custom mailing software and a 14-day rotation!

    We specialize in data management (email marketing) for online dating leads. Our setup will help you deliver multiple offers through multiple dating networks. We run a 14 day rotation and can deliver your traffic to help increase your bottom line. Your leads can be sent directly to us or API'ed directly into our mailer. Each day your leads are submitted they will be added to your master list and moved through our 14 day rotation to some of the best converting dating companies on the planet.

    Please Note:

    1. There are no out of pocket costs for us to deliver your traffic.
    2. We will send your fresh leads and deliver mostly to inbox; we will scrub your initial leads to verify their integrity but any bad leads that hurt our IP reputation will get u banned from submitting data immediately. Be up front with us, we'll be up front with you.
    3. We will send your traffic one offer per day through a 14 day rotation of dating offers.
    4. We share all revenue 50/50.
    5. We take on all expenses and work affiliated with mailing software, IPs, servers etc.
    6. We pay you on a bi-monthly basis 1 period behind sales generated.

    If you have questions or to go over specific details please hit me up at moneylovers.jeff on skype.

    We will help you greatly increase your bottom line with very little extra work and no expenses coming out of your pocket!