DarkBlue or vCommission?


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Sep 17, 2008
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I have been accepted on both networks and i have over 400 pages to tweak to get some banners running on.

Its going to take me ages to add the banners to all the pages so would like to know which network is the more reliable, to help prevent me having to redo them all when i don`t get paid....

Side note : i`m a noob to CPA and i have been using darkblue for a few days now, i was using an offer that was getting me $4 for every lead and i was making around $50-$100 a day, but then found out it was non incentive ( not clear on site ) and now has been put down to $0.10 a lead :rolleyes: My point is that i`ve heard elsewhere on BHW that people have been banned for making that mistake. Does that give darkblue a notch up?
im in darkblue also and theres not that many offers imo
true there`s not alot at darkblue on offer apart from the free online dating, which i incentised and got told off for. Mind you i did earn a nice $200 which was never taken back :)

i have heard such things on BHW like "scam, joke, stay away" in regards to vCommission.com which kinda scares me!
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Vcomission doesnt even track ( atleast not anymore... had some good # for a while ).

Personally i dont like jumping on the "scam" conclusion very quickly, but its just 1 guy running the site lol. All the support "AM" contacts are the same.
With vCommission you have to go with the highest converting offers or else it's bullshit.

Hopefully they will pay.
I am with VCommission from month they started. they are always on time for payment. Thing is dont dont accept fraud leads at all even unverified sales. To me vCommission seems long term CPA network.

I agree with slasher to start with highest converting offers of vCommission. With time they ll get more offers.
vCommission.com is big scam.

Its a directtrack network, it isn't self hosted, and if they dont pay they will fuck themselves eventually.

Running a directtrack cpa network isn't free of charge, and it costs a considerable amount of money to create additional logins.

I hate noobs shouting around that networks are scams from the beginning, give em a chance, and by all means read every networks TOS first and dont put all your eggs in one basket to start with.

Their payout terms are net45, but they usually pay net30. I admit that can be better but you have no idea how big of a cashfloat you need to pay your affiliates while you haven't been paid yet.

They've paid out successfully for 2 times and the third one is coming soon..

Anyway, bottom line is, dont start shouting crap right away, if you have a problem try to solve it with the network first. If you still get crapped on by then, then you have the right to complain.

Personally, I know for a fact nothing's wrong with vcommission.

This doesnt mean I want to influence your choice to go for vCommission, it's just a response to others. Do a bit of things here and there and just work with the network you feel is good.
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