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    As you guys know business is all about trust. So here's my credibility checklist before I buy services:

    -Have more than 5 portfolios
    -Have more than 10 positive reviews (see if there is any good customer service and fast response)
    -Have a professional looking website
    looked good on mobile devices (check it on responsinator)
    -Their site has been around for about 3 years (check their domain age on moonsy)
    -See if there are any authorities or tutorial on their site

    -Have been registered in popular forums for about 3 years minimum and no banned
    -Have at least 100 replies on their marketplace thread
    -Have more than 1000 posts
    -Have a professional LinkedIn profile
    -Have Skype (and response me fast)
    -Want to meet me face to face (this is best for long-term relationship)

    If they come to my house or workplace, I would like to see:

    -His business card (see if they have office or not)
    -His gadget (hopefully iPhone 5S, hehe)
    -His own car (if any)

    -Give me free sample of their services for the first month

    If they meet most of my checklist, I would definitely give it a try

    So what's yours? :)
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    Your demands are good enough for a buyer to buy any services from the seller. But, I do not prefer "3 years, no ban"- because its too much time. But, a newbie has the better ability. So, along with experience I also prefer and usually buy services from newbie too. For long run of any business, trust is everything.
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