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Apr 5, 2019
I'm thinking of turning my account into a creator account.

I have been very inactive in the past six to eight weeks, waiting out the storm and putting together a new strategy (which I now have)

1. Would you say a creator account is a good idea over a business account?

2. After not logging in for 8 days (I had received junk likes from a panel, and wanted it to cool off - no more panels from now on) is it a good idea to do the switch before posting again? I intend to use creator studio as I can type with my keyboard and schedule posts.

From my research the creator account is the better one, except for API access (but I guess I won't need any outside IG apps for now. I have decided against Jarvee & Co. I will post my new strategy shortly, a strategy that makes perfect sense for creatives and small businesses alike)

But maybe I overlooked a fact.

Let me know what you think of creator accounts.
There are some Downsides to it, but I can’t speak from my own experience. I had a talk with a prospect about IG shopping. I tried solving his problem, but it turned out that creator accounts are not eligible for IG Shopping for now.
Did you change and what was your experience if you did?
I made it in a test account and:
1. If you make ANY repetitive action you get Action Blocks, forget scraping, changing caption,, posting more than one time per day, follow / unfollow, close friends changes, etc. I checked it with other guys and they got the same.
2. The reach falls. Some people tell it is the first week and then it ups but I had not seen this.
3. To use the creator tools you need a FB account linked, this ALWAYS has had a negative impact.
4. The stats do not show accurate information. Such comes only from users with a FB account linked.
5. The organic grow is minimal. You attract a lot of bots.
However, there is the option to promote your posts, so, FB just want your money.
Now I want to know what happens if you change it back to a regular account.
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