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CPAGrip Review Scam or Real Network?

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by say2raman29, Nov 28, 2016.

  1. say2raman29

    say2raman29 Newbie

    Nov 26, 2012
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    Hello, friends My name is Raman Deep Singh and today i want to ask you and also tell you about cpagrip network so lets start.

    I am working with this network from last 3 years and getting weekly payment and this network paid around 5k in last 2 year and never faced any problem. But 2 days back means on 23rd of November my account showing "Your offers have been placed on hold pending review.
    Please contact your account manager." And i am sending traffic from my downloads sites and there have many post and all have ranked on google and i have around 10 sites so i am sending 5k hits daily to cpagrip offers but from last 4 days my traffic are wasting and i am getting nothing.

    I saw two 100$+ deduction on 22 and 23rd November and show 72 leads invalid in first offer and 76 leads invalid in second offer. So i want to know this thing ever happened with you? And i send an email and massage on skypr but not get any reply from john which is my account manager. So its any scam from cpagrip or its advertisers scam and please dont tell me that i am sending low quality traffic becuase i am running 5 ads network at same time and never faced any problem with them and my all traffic are comming from google which is very high convertible traffic.

    Now my account on hold but if they banned my account so i cant do amything because i am just sharing post from last 3 years and now its links are viral on internet and if i stop and remove all of their links from my sites so its not help for me becuase those who are copying my site also coppied that links and i also did youtube marketing 2 year before but still getting money from that marking so its imposible to find that channels and links. I just say that if i remove cpagrip links from my end so its not enough this network still getting hits but i will not get anything and my hard work just waste.

    If you know anything about cpagrip so plase share your review and give some suggestions. I am also waiting for john reply.