CPA + YouTube to $10 a day.

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    Jan 6, 2013
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    Hey guys , just into IM about a month ago. Introduced to it through a local forum.

    My tactic is to upload an entertaining video and then at the end of this video, the subject of the video promotes my CPA offer, I'm in the dating niche.

    I try and upload a new video every day and then using Youlikehits, get the video to about 300-500 views. I get a conversion every 2 days on average.

    What I've noticed is that despite having about 30 or so videos uploaded now, only the recent ones seem to attract a lot of clicks. This could be because i use youlikehits on them for a day before uploading a new ones but I would of thought the Youlikehits audience wouldn't actually pay attention to the video. My clicks are about the same as when I had 5 videos so I'm not sure if uploading a new video everyday is a good tactic or to work on social proofing my current ones more. My main method of obtaining traffic is to siphon off popular videos using the video response.

    Also looking into starting and monetizing a blog :)

    Any tips appreciated guys!
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    Remember quality > quantity.

    You may find my elder post useful. You can use this for CPA and dating niche too.