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    Hello, From an advertisers view what would be a good CPA to work with? I see list of hundreds in the threads, but any advertisers had any positive experience with any? CPA would mean that id only pay for action, not the click correct? E.g. submission of the lead form? what are the chances of cpa networks charging for leads which are dummy leads? e.g. false data being submitted? What do you do then? What kind of CPA budgets do you set per acquisition? thx for your inputs!
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    First of all research what networks are best for your vertical .

    Yes you pay only for an action which can be a lead submit .

    If the network is honest they will not charge for dummy leads .The adv is the one who must have all filters to reject dummy leads in real time .If however the leads go thru your filters , the advertiser usually scrubs invalid leads at the end of the month .

    You can start with any budget like 100$ per day for testing purpose or 100 leads cap per day and increase once you check the quality .

    You can contact me for more info .