Country-based Redirect on Homepage. Bad for SEO?

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    Hi Everyone

    Couple of my sites(basic landing pages) were ranking in #1 spot for their specific keywords which were having low competition.

    The sites were getting traffic mainly from US, France and Germany. So, I decided to display landing page in visitor country's local language with some country-specific and country-optimised content.

    Say if visitor is from Germany, I would display him the homepage content in German Language.

    So I wrote a simple PHP code using GEOlocation database.

    The homepage just has following code :

    Load us.php
    Load de.php

    and so on.

    Just after adding above code to both my websites, the websites lost their rankings in 3-4 days.

    So, did the country-based redirect affect the rankings?

    If that is the possibility, what changes should I make to make it more Search Engine friendly?

    P.S. Its really important to me to display specific pages to specific countries as content varies depending upon country.

    P.S.S. I have removed country based redirect and I am waiting to see what it does.
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