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    Twitter is the most growing social site today, Twitter have excess with simple interface than other social sites.

    Many big companies take an advantage to make any updates about their products to people on twitter, even there are some selebrities using twitter as a bussiness tool to rent their twitter account for update (tweet) companies product. Such as Kim Kardashian was paid by PEPSI $10.000 per update (tweet).

    Having Twitter account is Not just to get traffic, the main thing is having a lot of followers that will make your site or company look more credible and professional with having thousand of fans.

    You can put your links on your twitter profile, or making update (tweets) include your links through twitter.

    So visitor will come from twitter, here are 3 ways to get traffic twitter :
    When we collect people for our twitter account, of course they will check your profile links before they confirm you as their follower.

    Additionally, you can set your auto welcome message to all your new followers. the message is your site links or whatever.

    And the third is you can make some tweets or update through your twitter account any time, then your online followers will click your links.

    So I can say this is asset for your site for a long time.