Complete IM System beginning with D for much cheapness...

Aug 4, 2010
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Hi Guys,

12th attempt at trying to post this useful information for you!

Every time I try to create this thread, it's getting shorter and shorter lol.
I understand the moderation but o m g...

Anyway the cryptic level this is getting to is bordering on driving me insane.

  • The IM system beginning with "D" for 5 0 minus 3

Problem is I'm too new here to show you how, so if you want it then ask me then you can post it if you agree its useful.

Hope it's some use to you all!

Actually I've decided to get it anyway.
It's got download page protection and a other things that are well worth it.

So its a product that starts with a "D" and it costs $47. .... PM me, you sparked my curiosity
I doubt you can PM but if so, send it to me or leave enough hints for us. It may not be of interest but my interest is knowing what you are talking about.

just tried to pee emm you and I cant lol, i dont have 15 posts yet :S

Any ideas anyone???
I don't just want to post another 7 posts without offering good content so I'm stuck :(

Ok, more hints...

these might tot my post levels high enough lol.

It's the "thing" starting with a "D", ending with an "O" and there are 6 letters in the word (lol this is turning into hangman).


I've had a brain wave...let's see if this works.

My first is in DELivery but not in mail.
My second is in AViOnics but not in flying.

Take the CAPITAL letters from the above riddles and you get the name, 6 letters.
I've got the way to get it for ten percent of the normal COST.

Dear oh dear is this ever awkward...

Hope that made sense?

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If any admins are reading this thread, PLEASE understand I'm not spamming, I'm just trying to get GOOD information to my fellow members.

Apologies if it looks otherwise :(

I found the website:
delavosecure .com/special/
I'm not familiar with the website and do not see the prices. Maybe others will better understand.

From what I can tell, you can offer a license for a fraction of the cost? What does that end up being?

change it to forwardslash puregold to get the actual page im trying to show you lol.
Instead of 497 per month it's just 47 per month

246 licences left btw.

I'm still looking through all the modules this thing has and it's ridiculous
By the way, that 47 is for life, not just limited offer.

I reckon once this forum gets hold of this thread and the proper link (eventually), the licences are going to fly out.

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Is this your package or are you simply sharing it with us? I'm not sure why it would ever costs $497/month and what that would provide. It makes me wonder if the $47 is a good deal.

Thanks for the link. If its good, I'll give you a rep point.

I'll check it out.
Hi Coyote,

I'm simply sharing it with the forum, I'm on Mark Joyner's list so received the email with this special 0ffer in it. It is not an Aff link.

Just figured that a good percentage of my fellow forum members could make use of the discount. It's an all-in-one solution for handling your backend, sales, tracking and a sh1t load more.

It's a fiddly install for the non-techies but the amount of tools and plugins it comes with is unreal. Easily worth the 47 monthly tag.

I'm off to bed now, but if anyone has any questions let me know.


@sick - Does it come with future updates? What's the catch before I spend $47?
it's 47 for life
updates are for life

no catch, you can even get a full refund if you don't like it or don't think it's worth the price (unlikely).

I've been a fan of Mark's work for a long time, but this has just taken stuff to a whole new level :)

Enjoy! - I'm off to bed as it's 443am lol


Here is the link to the website for you all.

http:// delavosecure .com/puregold/

Update: The fee is $47/month. It may still be worth it but not for me at the moment. Below is what you see during PayPal checkout.

Description Terms Amount Gold Membership - New License
$47.00 USD for each 30 days $47.00 USD
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