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Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by mamigetmoney, Feb 21, 2011.

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    I have been doing SEO for a site for about 2 weeks now. I recently did some blog comments on a few ******** autoapprove blogs I found with sick submitter template I made. I woke up today and noticed that one of the sites I commented on is outranking my website. Actually the comments are ranking #1 and #2 and the page has nothing to do with my keyword no on page SEO for the word only my comment is making it rank for the keyword. My page is currently on page 11, up from page 30. I noticed that a few pages I commented on from this domain are ranking above my website. I really don't get it. The site itself has only 18 backlinks according to site explorer and the blog is a hosted blog with a subdomain. I have about 30 backlinks showing in siteexplorer which are a mixture of blog comments, forum profiles, and web 2.0. Most of my backlinks havent been indexed yet and I have been holding off on a scrapebox blast until a few of my web 2.0 sites are backlinked so I don't only have a ton of crappy blog comments. At this point I really don't get it and more confused than ever.