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    My overall goal is to create residual income(IM) and move. I would love to move just west of Denver. Hour away from breckenridge(snowboarding) and an hour from boulder(climbing). Question is, anyone from CO? Pros and cons? I'm all about outdoors, climbing, snowboarding, white water kayak, mountain biking. Any info would be appreciated!
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    I am in Colorado born and raised. Breck is pretty cool, especially if you like all the outdoor sporting. I am from the Telluride area myself, pretty laid back and not a lot goes on unless there is a festival in town. Don't move to the Front Range (east CO) very flat and boring IMO.

    That it the only downside, living in some of the smaller ski towns is expensive (median house price is over 1m but look at the pictures and there isn't much entertainment besides outdoor sports (no iMAX, amusement parks, museums, nightlife, sporting events). Also sometimes the winter can get to you no matter how much you love snow. Being snowed in and having the entire town shut down for days on end isn't something a lot of Americans enjoy, and it is pretty redundant, I would suggest one nice weekend getaway every month or two.

    If you saw the thread about dogs last week:

    That is on my mining claim outside of Silverton. I would suggest you check out google image search, here are my favorite places:

    Aspen (besides the people)
    Glenwood Springs (close to Aspen but good people)
    Steamboat Springs
    Crested Butte
    Pagosa Springs
    Estes Park

    If you want specific landmarks/parks or any other info let me know!