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Cloaking as a search engine optimization (SEO) Technique?

Discussion in 'Cloaking and Content Generators' started by anishpdsah1, Jan 12, 2017.

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    Nov 1, 2015
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    In the category of the black hat SEO techniques, I have used the cloaking technique which aims extensively to fool the search engines by showing them high quality content. On the contrary, the general visitors get to see the website content that might not be as good as what’s displayed in the first place. This technique of black hat SEO has attracted penalties from the search engines for the element of deceit involved in it.

    The cloaked webpages consist of the doorway pages that are loaded with the poor quality content and this technique is also called the doorway page technique.

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    Is there any legitimate usage of it?

    When talking about the cloaking method, the SEO technique indeed signifies an aspect of legitimacy as well. There are times when the websites and the web pages are being embedded with the videos that can only be played through the adobe flash component. This content is generally non-textual and in that case it becomes necessary to inform the search engine that this kind of content cannot be located.

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    In other cases, the darker side of this technique is that it helps the ranking of the website to go up and is termed as the spamdexing. The main purpose of this technique is to optimize the web page and create substantial organic web traffic towards the website.

    How cloaking is done?

    There are many techniques which are used in the cloaking SEO but all of them are not black hat, and thus the contrary have a chance to be called as legit. Being a stealth technique, it employs the automatic content generators for search engine optimization. The technique has helped many of the people to increase their SERP or Search Engine Ranking Performance.

    There are multiple methods through which I have processed with the cloaking technique. Let me explain it you:

    1. By using JavaScript: The code of JavaScript is being turned off for the users and they are shown some other version of the website while the web browser gets to see something different.
    2. User-Agent Cloaking: User agents are being served the different version of the websites.
    3. HTTP Accept-Language Header Cloaking: When the website needs to be displayed to different locations then users, without being given the option to pick the language are shown the website in the language relevant to them.
    4. HTTP_REFERER Header Cloaking: If the user lands up on the website through any link then he is being shown a different version of the website based upon the value in the HTTP header.

    By using the doorway pages, the original website gets linked with the anchor text that actually points to the SEO marketing agency. This technique basically delivers the content based upon the IP address that is requesting the content. The identity of the visitor is being determined by the scammer and this comes out to be the right kind of tool for enhancing the website ranking.


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