Clickbank Tracking Issues...What's Going On?

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    [​IMG]For one Clickbank product I am promoting it shows that it's no hop count tracking for that product, but for the same product for the order form impression count it shows 3.

    I do not understand how the order form impression count for that product shows 3, but it shows no hops there being tracked.

    Here is something I read someone else mentioning almost the same issue. Here is what they wrote on another forum > My sales have been normal (actually even better than I expected) but no data is showing up in my graphs. Shows I have no hops but I am getting transactions daily. Weird... wish they would fix it.

    That is what someone wrote on a different forum about the same issue with no hop counts for the product, but in my case it's no hop counts (0) for the product stats but only the order form impression count shows (3) being tracked.

    I do not understand how it's showing 3 order form impression counts and 0 hop counts for the product. This is the first time I noticed this happening.

    Click the link and enlarge the photo to see the picture of my clickbank stats page so you all can understand what I'm referring to.

    What is the issue here? Has this happened to you all before? Also do I need to contact Clickbank?
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