CJ Pay Per Call


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Mar 22, 2010
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After geting $75 from ringrev I put $50 (minimum) for admob, an hr later all my credits were used, and I didn't get one call, I complained, and they told me I'm doing it wrong, and a lot of peopl accidentally click. I've posted my numbers in other business type advertising sites. It takes a long time to do all the posting, and I've only doen it with my first number for each co. My extra numbers I keep around hopeing someone dials a wrong number, wich seems to happen, but not often enough.
I was goin to try a banner tow, or sky writing for petfood, ner a dog park, but it was very expensive.


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Feb 26, 2009
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Dang some people here are retarded. The secret shopper method and the fiverr method BAD BAD ideas. If you want to go through all that work and then get your account banned then go for it. But also remember that the more crap calls you send it affects the entire network and they will pull the offer or kick off some affiliates because they're loosing money. Don't be stupid. Be smart. Just cause this is BHW doesn't mean that everything that goes through your brains has to be SCAM, FRAUD, TRICKERY, or just plain STUPID. Please people get a clue, they will ban your account and not pay you and probably take it out on the legit publishers as well.