[CheckLIST] Wat You Need to do for latest SEO update

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    As we know SEO was changed. I recognized a few things that we need to do to SURVIVE in this latest SEO. For the one who know it already, just ignore the checklist.

    Ok, straight to the point.

    On Page
    1) Create human readable content at least 500 words and put main keyword inside H1 and H2 tags
    2) Put keyword inside the content, and make the density around 2%-3%
    3) Use proper image and alt it with you keyword.
    4) Increase page speed by using caching plugin (wordpress), like w3 total cache or wp super cache.
    5) Reduce image size using Bulk Smush it wordpress plugin.
    6) Update your site once a week. This is optional but highly recommended!

    Off page
    1) As we know most of us, will straightly start their SEO campaign by focusing on the main keyword. This is what you'll regret later by doing this. My latest test, i throw 2 high end SEO service for my new site (a few weeks old) and focusing on the main and a few secondary keywords only. A month or less later, BOOM! Disappear from google search result for my keyword.
    2) Start your seo campaign by using this anchor.
    - Naked URL
    - Brand.com
    - Brand
    Maintain those 3 at least 70%.
    - and some generic anchor.
    3) After 1-2 month you can start with your main keyword without worry about google penalty. And Drip Feed it if possible.
    4) Do not create backlink with poorly spun content to main site.
    5) Buy social signal (drip feed if possible)

    P/S: This is for long term ranking, remember.
    P/P/S: and apologise my bad english. :eek:
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    Nice tips mate.

    But one more thing. People Should try to avoid using spun content for T1. or else atleast 4-10 unique articles spun in words, sentence and para level should be used.

    If they use the same method for T2, then it will be very good for long term.