Change layout and add functionality to Shopify store, Alternate Platforms Considered.

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    I have a shopify store,
    I would like to change the layout to 3-4 products per line instead of 2 and basically make it look and function like (this is why I’m broke).
    I would also like a couple of free apps added (would like you recommendation on which ones), one to automatically change the currency by location and a wish list that is shareable on social media.
    Must have changes required:
    • Layout, 3 to 4 products per line instead of 2
    • wish list, save button on the picture and entire wish list shareable on social media
    • Currency converter, display local currency by location
    • Categories and Filters, Tiles to select categories and similar filters to tiwib
    • Search function
    Please give me your suggestions on how to make the site as close as possible to tiwib and the functions mentioned along with any other suggestions you have.
    I am also open to a quote for changing over to wordpress if it is easier but would need to be able to add a cart in the future. Currently all products are from Amazon but want to be able to add other affiliate products and eventually add dropship and wholesale products.
    Price should include porting all current products on the site. Can make the decision quickly and also an opportunity for ongoing maintenance such as adding new products and content.
    Please forward your proposals.
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