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    Dear Webmasters, and would like to announce that we would be running a great XVideos contest! There are amazing prizes to be won by the top 3 participants :)

    XVideos is a stunning promo tool which allows you to create a new tube site or add private-show videos to your existing site. In order to have a shot at the big prize, you are required to:

    • Create a page or website using Videos generated with the Video tool ? you can combine multiple Xlovecam promo tools but the focus should be on the embedded video(s).
    • All content inside this page/website must be XloveCam/XloveGay related.
    • Place this page/website on a domain or subdomain (it must be in the root of domain or subdomain, secondary pages will not be accepted to participate in the contest).
    • Submit it to major search engines (no <no index> allowed).
    • Submit it to the Xvideos Contest ACWM directly to our support team.

    Final date of contest is October 31st, winners will be picked by ACWM management and we will take in consideration the following the design and uniqueness of creation.

    You can generate your Embed Code for individual videos, generate an XML file or you can take advantage of our CSV dump file Generator to truly create Your Own Tube Site in minutes. Submit as many pages/websites as you wish, but only 1 of your pages can win a prize.

    This contest is open to all our affiliates. If you are not yet an affiliate, we invite you to register with us.

    As always, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Thank you and good luck!


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