[CASE STUDY] I'm making more than $3k/day with dropshipping, and here's how

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Jun 8, 2014
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How would you like to get a proven dropshipping framework I’m using to launch & scale my eCommerce stores to $100K+ consistently? To prove this (very) bold claim, I’m giving you a case study with which I made $140K+ in 39 days (proof below)

❓"Ok, that’s awesome. You made $140K. But how much of this is your actual profit?"

Great question. I would have the same one if some random guy would try to show me some numbers without actually showing the P&L (profit & loss) statement. So here it is, including ad spend, product costs, as well as transaction fees:


* By the way, I want to make it one thing very clear: even though I’ve spent over $70,000 on Facebook Ads, the number itself got so massive only when I was scaling. I started my Facebook Ads with a budget of $60 and climbed my way to $1K/day. You may need less or more.

Now, let me ask you the following questions:

✅ Are you struggling to make sales with your Dropshipping Store?
✅ You’ve heard of dropshipping but you think it’s just a scam ("and no-one is actually making money with it")
✅ You’ve tried to run Facebook Ads but they were unprofitable every-single-time
✅ You’ve tried to start your own dropshipping store but struggled to make a single sale (let alone make it profitable)
✅ You’re worried about shipping times and that with dropshipping you’re stuck with 2 months delivery time (editor note: there’re workaround for this)
✅ You’ve bought a course on dropshipping, but it was just a bunch of fluff, you didn’t get the support you needed, and, again, you were not profitable (or didn’t even got a single sale)
✅ You’re spending (or I like to call it: wasting) months of your time, energy, and money on crappy dropshipping resources and courses, that aren’t helpful at all
✅ You’re worried about Facebook Ad policies, bans, and restrictions (or you even got banned already!)
✅ You’re stuck in the loop of trying different money-making strategies but yet to found any sort of success
✅ You always wanted to try dropshipping but don’t have enough budget (or no budget AT ALL)

These are some of the most frequent questions I get EVERY SINGLE DAY in my telegram chat. And if you answered YES on at least five of these questions, this program is for you!


So... Are You Ready To Take The Action?
Program price: $97


⏰ BHW SPECIAL OFFER: comment below TAKE OFF DISCOUNT and I will give you a $30 worth coupon code
(the final price will be
$97) ⏰


Let me give you a super-quick TL;DR on what this is all about:

✅ It’s an eBook + video walkthroughs + templates & frameworks for you to get started with dropshipping TODAY
✅ This is not only a step-by-step guide to get you started, but I’m giving you a case study, where I will reveal my store URL, my entire process on how I found my product(s), as well as how I tested my product via Facebook Ads & scale it to $140K in 39 days
✅ You will also get access to my Facebook Ads “Take Off” testing strategy, which basically means you can start testing your products fast & efficiently without spending too much money. Though, be prepared to have at least $200-$300 for the testing budget if you want to use Facebook Ads
✅ Now, if you don’t have this money and you are dead-broke - I have a special strategy for you that you can use to generate high-converting traffic with Instagram. The strategy is really custom that I’ve been using myself before. I’m not talking about shout-outs where you need to pay upfront. It’s also not some sort of “let me waste my time” strategy where you’ll need to spam-DM everyone. Nothing like that.
✅ Additionally, with the purchase, you will get free bonuses on Facebook Ads restrictions, how to avoid them, if you got banned already - what to do next, also you’ll get templates & scripts on how to start generating traffic with either Facebook or/and Instagram, as well as premium suppliers list that I’m using to fulfill my orders at scale (fast shipping!)
✅You will get direct contact to me (email) so you can contact me if any questions at all! Will be happy to answer those, and be as fast as possible. Also, if after 5 or so email exchanges I will see that you are actually really into this and ready to succeed - I will share with you my direct Telegram contact so we can chat in real-time!


❓A ton of text... And who are you again?

My name is Dee, and I’ve been working in the online marketing space since 2008. Since then, I’ve run various businesses that were successful and some not so successful (a lot of failures and break-thoughts). Now, my primary focus is helping others with their eCommerce businesses as I own my own agency that specializes in working with eCommerce businesses.

❓Now, why should I believe you? Do you even run your own eCom dropshipping store? Are you one of those people, who only sell courses without actually doing this by yourself?

Let me get this straight: if I wouldn’t have my own dropshipping stores, I couldn’t even run my own agency, have my own courses, as well as have a client base that gives me their money to run their eCom businesses for them. Not only that, I learned tall of this the hard way - by having multiple eCommerce dropshipping stores (I counted 23 stores in total over the years, out of which 12 were profitable). I know what I’m doing and giving you what I know here. Hence the price for this program is a bit higher than any other course, eBook*, program out there!

*Also, I want you to understand that this is not only an eBook + video walkthroughts + templates. This is a case study, where I’m going to show you EVERY-SINGLE-STEP behind my dropshipping store that made me $140K in 39 days in revenue. After product costs, ad costs, as well as transaction fees, I made “$42,969” in those 39 days.

❓Ok, so if you’re so cool and you’re scaling your eCom stores so successfully, why are you giving this for peanuts? I mean you can keep this to yourself and continue running your eCommerce business for life...

I love this question, as it has a very simple answer: because you will not be my competition. Also, this way I can increase my client base as well as make an additional stream of income by selling this program. Simple as that. And if you’ve been following me in this forum, you already know that I’ve been writing all sorts of questions and answers in regards to dropshipping, looking for Facebook Accounts, and finally get a good grasp on all of this. Finally, I’m a creative person who likes to draw, write and read. This means that I’m the kind of person, who wants to find fulfillment in life where I can feel good about myself.



Module 1: First, I'll reveal every single thing about a case study store (profit margins, how much did it cost me to run ads, product costs, as well as I'm going to give you a step-by-step plan on how to train your mindset so you're actually ready to think like an entrepreneur (that sounds "cheezy" but believe me I've learned it the hard way).

Module 2: After all of this preparation, it's time to actually dig deeper and show you, how I found my products that proven to be working, and I'll show you exactly how you can do the same on your own!

Module 3: We have our product(s) ready, now it's time to create an actual store! This is going to be packed with instructions, templates, swipe-files, as well as a step-by-step plan on how to design your own store in a matter of 1 hour (even if you're a beginner).

Module 4: Products - ready, store - ready. Let's move to the ad creative where I'm going to show you our winning (and failed!) ad creatives that we've used for our store. Plus, you'll learn how to create amazing videos and images for your product with our templates ready to rock n' roll.

Module 5: WE NEED TRAFFIC! And high-quality traffic. Finally, this is where I'm going to show you exactly how to run Facebook Ads even if it's the first time you've logged into your Ads Manager! Templates, step-by-step explanations are going to help you fast-forward your process!

BONUS Module 6: This is where I’ll show you step-by-step on how to use Instagram to generate free traffic if you don’t have $200 in your bank account. Again, as mentioned above, it has nothing to do with paying for influencers in front, DM’ing people, scraping follower’s emails, or anything like that. I was using this myself, though, the method itself is way slower than using Facebook Ads.

BONUS Module 7: Now, I promised you ways to overcome Facebook restrictions and bans, as well as what to do in case you got restricted. Not only that but I will also give you my suppliers list (both AliExpress and private agents), winning Shopify product page design template, as well as other scripts that will be necessary for you to cut some corners in your dropshipping business.



Do You Want Me To Help You With Your Online Business?
Program price: $97

⏰ BHW SPECIAL OFFER: comment below TAKE OFF DISCOUNT and I will give you a $30 worth coupon code
(the final price will be $67
$97) ⏰


FAQ, A.K.A. I still have some questions, and I’m here to answer those right now:

Q: I heard that dropshipping is dead, and it’s not possible to make any money with it
A: Do I even need to waste my time answering this question? Ok, let me answer it: NO, it’s not dead and will NEVER be dead. It’s a business model that’s super-profitable and is making tons of money. Interesting fact: in my home country (Lithuania) one of the richest person right here is actually a dropshipper.

Q: Does this work worldwide?
A: Yes, it is.

Q: Do I need money to start?
A: Yes, if you’re going to use Facebook Ads to generate traffic. Now, if you’re going to use my Instagram method, you don’t need any money to start (but it’s a slower & tedious process). For Facebook Ads, I recommend having at least $200-$300 to start.

Q: Can this method be saturated?
A: No, it can’t. You’re using a dropshipping business model and the sky's the limit. Also, if you think that the competition is fierce and there are no winning products left - you are wrong. From my own experience, I can tell that you can turn already winning products from others into your own cash machine.

Q: Am I guaranteed to make money?
A: Gal, man, pal, my dearest friend. Of course, I cannot guarantee that you will make money with this. Though, if you follow the steps, invest your time and be consistent with this, even when it seems like it’s not working - you will make money. This program is for you to cut-some-corners, get my behind the scenes look on how I’m running my dropshipping stores, as well as giving you everything I have in my folders, though, it’s not me who’s running your business. If you put the content into work, you’ll get your hands dirty - you will succeed.

Q: How long will it take to make my first sale?
A: You can make your first sale the first day you start running Facebook ads or use my Instagram strategy. This can be really fast, but it depends. This is not a “scam your way to the richest”. This is a program that will help you start running a legit business, not some random method that is no longer working.

Q: Is this program beginner-friendly or more for advanced folks?
A: This program is going to cover everything from the very start, though, if you already know how to create your store, find products, or do other things - you can skip it to the ads/marketing section, or just read my case study chapters.

Q: I can see that you’re using Shopify to create your stores. Can I use Woocommerce instead?
A: Yes, you can. You can use whatever platform you want, as long as it gets the job done. I’m using Shopify all the time since it’s fast, efficient, and doesn’t require me to set up WordPress or anything like that (I’m not a fan of WordPress).

Q: Are you going to show me how to start running my first Facebook Ad?
A: Yes, I will! That’s the beauty of this program - I will show you everything from the very start to the very finish!

Q: I heard that Facebook bans & restricts advertisers left and right: do you have any solution to this?
A: If you go and check my most recent post here in BHW, you will see that I was searching for workarounds and ways on how to run Facebook Ads when you’re restricted from advertising. I would get checkpoints every time. Now, I found a way to run my Facebook Ads more freely without worrying too much about those restrictions. I will show you my process for this, though, keep in mind that this is something that can be out of our control, but there are sneaky ways to make sure we’re ahead of Facebook.

Q: Will I get a chance to contact you?
A: Yes, you will! I’ll give you my email address to contact me if ANY questions at all. Also, if after some messages I see that you are really into this and ready to succeed - I will give you my Telegram contact so we can start a chat rather than exchanging emails. Of course, you can always contact me here on BHW, but it can take a bit longer to get a response. I will also give you my email address.

Q: How about refunds?
A: Due to the fact that this is a digital download I cannot proceed with a refund. BUT... I'm going to be here (and via email) for you to answer any questions during the whole process. I have a ton of experience with eCommerce and I know some stuff. Feel free to contact me at any time!

Q: What happened to the case study store? What happened after Nov. 11th (as per your screenshots & videos)?
A: Simply put - the product ROAS started to decline and even though I planned to scale this store even further, I had to kill the product that was the winner since I was in the process of working on my eCom agency. Nonetheless, that was my personal fault as I wanted to be cheap and not outsource the thing that would continue the growth of the store - further creating new ad creatives, generate user feedback and make content out of it, as well as outsource most of the stuff that I was doing myself (i.e. customer support). If I were you at this stage (and I could get back in time), I would basically outsource almost everything to make sure this store is alive and well (making sales).

Also, the store made me more than $140K, as it continued to generate some sales with email campaigns (overall, it made over $170K in 3 months in total).

Q: Do you have existing student results?
A: Yes I do, but I'm not going to post them here. If you want to see feedback from other students, you can let me know and I will provide them for you. Though, they don't mean too much for you other than the fact that the strategies provided in the program actually works.

Q: Will I get all the future updates?
A: 100%! Also, I'm reacting to all student feedback and will be able to update the content with stuff, that I might have forgot to add or missed.


I Revealed Everything Here... Not Even Sure If I Have Anything Else To Add (Lifetime Updates Included)
If you want to start your own (successful) online store, click the button below:

⏰ BHW SPECIAL OFFER: comment below TAKE OFF DISCOUNT and I will give you a $30 worth coupon code
(the final price will be $67
$97) ⏰

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Wishing all the best for your sales.. Interested to know if you have any review copy available...

Thank you!

Apparently, I forgot to mention it in the sales thread...At this moment, I do not offer any review copies.
Any special discount for early buyers or is it 30% for all?

In any case, send me the discount code please !
Any special discount for early buyers or is it 30% for all?

In any case, send me the discount code please !

Thank you for your interest! 30% off would be for everyone. Also, a discount code has been sent!

Havent read all but looks promising.

will come back to it later and purchase a copy

Thanks! In case you'd feel like you want to get back to the offer in the future, I have sent you a discount code to your inbox!


The discount code has been sent!

✅ TO EVERYONE: do not hesitate and ask any questions you may have right now! I tried my best to answer all of the (possible) most frequent questions, but you will for sure have more, as well as any doubts, etc. I'm here ready to help you out!

Also, if you need more info on how this works (the process, what it contains, etc.) - do let me know as well. I will be happy to record a video to explain everything as much as possible.
So you put in all the effort to write this guide just to sell it for such a "relatively" low price, while risking that your own method gets saturated. (It's a lie that it can't be saturated, anything can get saturated, especially good dropshipping products)

So, what is your motivation to do this?

Actually, I don't think there will be any working method that gets saturated in dropshipping, as the method has been on the table for a very long time: do marketing research, pick a product, run ad campaigns, testing a lot of creatives and angels, then scaling. If the product failed, start from the beginning and pick a product again:D
Send me discount

Discount has been sent to your inbox!

What about the payment method for the store?

Hey! By store do you mean your dropshipping store? If so, it really depends on your country/locations. Nonetheless, there're ways to get a business in another country (i.e. setup LLC in the US while being, like, in Bulgaria). For payment options, I would recommend checking this link - https://www.shopify.com/payment-gateways

Also, I'm actually not from the US but I have LLC there so I can setup (almost) any payment method I want.

So you put in all the effort to write this guide just to sell it for such a "relatively" low price, while risking that your own method gets saturated. (It's a lie that it can't be saturated, anything can get saturated, especially good dropshipping products)

So, what is your motivation to do this?

Thanks for your question! I do realize that I'm going to get a ton of questions here why would you want to share your "secrets" for such a price while you're making so much money with eCom". Though, I believe that I answered that question quite well in the FAQ section on my motivations. Mainly being - for me, creating info-products is just fun as I find some sort of fulfillment.

But, I want to touch base on one of your points: anything can get saturated, especially good dropshipping products. I agree that products can get saturated, but I'm not selling the product here. I'm selling my whole process on how I test & scale products and stores. As mentioned in the FAQ section - I'm no longer running this product. Also, it's not true that the process can get saturated. It's just cannot. I show my process how I work, I'm being quite clear that it requires money to get started, but by revealing my thing I'm not creating more competition for myself. It's not possible to do that in any way at all.


Sent the discount to your inbox!


Sent the discount to your inbox as well! Thanks!
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