[Case Study] AzonPPV(Wealth) .V.S. Healt(GYM) - Let's Kick Start 2016 #

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    Hi All,
    Before, I start writing this case study, Note It's my first Case-study So my English might not be good. But I hope you all will like this unique and different Case-Study by Safiseo (Safex=Me).

    In this method, We earn with help of Amazon and we get sales with help of PPV(Pay per View) network.​


    Regular Gym with proper diet to increase weight upto 12-KG in next 90-days.
    Let?s Discuss What?s We are Going to Do & What Exactly We will get?
    Wealth : ?
    -I am starting a Amazon + PPV Journey ? Earning Module which I names ?AzonPPV? myself. Here I will earn using PPV Network on Amazon Sales Commission Plus SEO Skills of my team to earn for Long Run.
    -After 3 years Gap from Gym and Body Building and Lost around 14-KG weight due to 18-20 hours per day work & Hard regular Routine. Today I am starting to Challenge myself to Gain 12-KG weight in next 90-Days.

    Requirements :-

    -Amazon Affiliate Program Approved Account.
    -LeadImpact[LI] Account Approved.
    -Website with 50-Articles (Hand Written) Ready.
    -Bank Account where I will deposit Check.
    -100$ Credit in LI for PPV purpose.

    -Pinterest & Instagram Accounts (2-5) to get Traffic to lower CTR.

    Our goal is to convert 60% from PPV plus to increase at least 4-KG weight in month # 1 of Gym.
    Total Investment :-
    -In-house VA Hired Salary.
    -100$ in PPV Network.
    -100$ in Hosting & Articles of my Store.
    Total= 300$ Invested Already.

    See Screenshot of my Account for last Month (Nov-2015). For Proof. Normally, it?s 16-20$ per month without work as I don?t get time for AzonPPV or Amazon Stores. I am Busy always But thought to give 2016 a Kick start.

    About my Health-
    -Weight ? 49.9Kg At this time.
    -Shape No shape. No Muscle. (might post my body snap if I feel comfortable).
    Website Showcase [outlet] Screenshot below :-

    Phase # 1 [Month # 1]
    Procedure Guide for AzonPPV ?

    • Keyword Research for Niche Selected [Women Fashion] Done & Selected 50-Long Tail keywords.
    • Articles writing for each keyword done and posted around 12-articles and rest of them scheduled.
    • Website setup with 50-outlet products as showcase & 12 articles as reviews about products done.
    • PPV Network Account Approval & 100-USD as funds upload Done.
    • Gym Admission Renewal of Old [3-years old] membership Done.

    Note:LeadImpact as PPV network I have selected. It requires 1000-USD initial first time upload of funds, as I am old user So I uploaded 70-usd.

    Time Investment :-

    45-minutes daily Gym 5-Days per Week & Weekend OFF.

    3-Hours VA working on my Project [3 days per week] & Weekend OFF. & 15-Minutes Daily I am monitoring PPV Campaign myself.

    Note: VA Tasks are for Future [long run] Revenue Stream from Amazon, as for Short Term [3-Months] I am using PPV network to earn.​
    Month # 1 Gym Routine :-
    Monday :- Push-ups as Warm up [20-reps Single Set]

    -High Bar Close Stance Squats [3-Sets of 12-reps].

    -Barbell Bench Press [3-sets of 12-reps].

    -Conventional Deadlifts [3-sets of 12-reps].

    -Weighted Pull ups [Superset].

    -2-minute break.

    -Overhand Bent Over Row [3-sets of 6-reps].

    -Dumbbell Shoulder Press [ 3-sets of 8-reps.].

    45-minutes Gym Total.

    Tuesday :- Close hands Push-ups as Warm up [20-reps Single Set]

    -Standing Barbell Curls [3-sets of 12-reps].

    -Barbell Curls [ 12-reps, 10-reps, 6-reps].

    -Hammer Curls [5-sets, 6-reps].

    -Concentration Curls [5-sets, 6-reps].

    30-Minutes Gym Total.

    Wednesday Workout Plan [Power] :-

    -Close stance squats [5-sets, 5-reps].

    -Barbell Bench Press [5-sets, 5-reps].

    -Deadlifts [5-sets, 5-reps].

    25-minutes Total Gym

    Thursday [Triceps & bi-ceps].

    -Close Hands Pushups [Superset].

    -Barbell Curl Rod [5-sets, 5-reps].

    -Close Rod Barbell [5-sets, 5-reps].

    -Flyover Dumbbell [5-sets, 5-reps].

    -Back Bench Press Pushups [5-sets, 5-reps].

    25 Minutes Total in Gym

    Friday Workout Plan: Strength [Apps & Thaee(Calves):-

    -Roman Chair [5-sets of 15-reps].

    -Hanging Knee [5-sets of 8-reps].

    -Crunches [5-sets of 10-reps].

    Calves Game have 2 machines involved. 10-sets of 10-reps each.

    50-minutes in Gym Total

    Extra Diet Daily = 6-Bananas , 2 Glass Milk, 3-Eggs Whites daily

    & 250 gram Fish once a week.

    Note: Without Coke , Sharwarmas, Burger, junk food & Some Energy drink Anyone can build Stamina, Muscle & Power in next 4-Weeks. ​

    -Precautions: My Gym Angles are Perfect as I was Prior was a Body Builder with 67-KG weight & perfect Body (3-years ago), I know each and everything I am doing now, So anyone who follow me must need a partner to help him. Try not to do same as It might be hard for you.

    About AzonPPV:

    -Already Earned Good enough Money with white hat methods & Black Hat Tactics. But here I am doing Case Study to ?Redo? what I have done already, It took me 1-year to (2012) to perfect AzonPPV & Took me 3 years (2009-2012) To build Body, So I am just Challenging myself to do same things which took me 3-years before into 3-Months. Just Making 2016 Best Year of Era.

    Note: Am not going to reveal all Business Tactics or what exactly I will do, I will try to explain as much as Possible with proofs and Screenshots to motivate others. PPV is Good for Aliexpress, Amazon, CPA with Emails submit and Mobile offers. but I am no trainer, as I also tested things and wasted 1000's of dollars to optimize the campaigns. Learning things is what BlackHatWorld Members do best, So learn PPV your own ways, This thread is just to motivate people with success they can get.


    -As for PPV Network ? LeadImpact is Top Level and requires 1000-USD initial funds to upload. So you can use other PPV Network with low $$ initial funds. But I tested only LeadImpact So I am not sure about other PPV networks earning & ROI.

    -I used Women Fashion Niche as I need Pinterest & Social Traffic for Long term plus I need Search Engine Organic Traffic for which I researched 50-Long Tail Keywords with Articles for each. As I not intend to use PPV for long-run Only for Small time (3-Months). You can rely on SEO ? Pinterest if you believe in long term earning.

    -My Investment is low just 300-USD, as I have skills and expertise in same site for 3-years, your investment vary. As it takes 300-USD for Reliable Hosting/Domain, 100-USD For Good articles and Keywords Research & 100-USD For VA?s (if you hire and not willing to do all yourself), and around 500-USD in PPV testing (if you using PPV), Why 500-USD in PPV? As you might not have experience in same things as I do and will need testing till you succeed finding proper niche, keywords, traffic and ROI. Note: Do not Ask me to reveal niche or any other Business Tactics as I don?t do such things. Business Trade Secrets are made to keep you in Business. So No offense I don?t do much help in PPV. Try to learn yourself.

    -Gym Tips :- Try to hire a Couch or Gym trainer, who can help you gain better Body, as my Gym Plan is different from Regular Gym Couch and requires Proper training else you will feel Pain.

    -Diet Tips ? Building Body just require to avoid non-toxic foods, No Spicy food, Good calcium, and Protein diet. No need to do 1-hour per day Gym. You will see my results soon to trust my Plan.

    Motivational Quotes:

    ?People Believes in Only what they see from there Own Eyes, But I am Believer of God as I seen him from my inner Eyes.?

    ?When you Feel Like ?QUITTING?, Think About Why You ?STARTED?.

    Finally, ?A Person Who Never made A Mistake, Means Never Tried Anything NEW.?

    PS: Will Update Thread Next Week, as Progress Goes On. Journey Ends March-2016. Wish me luck and hope for best. Will Post more Details about PPV or SEO or Gym in near weeks.
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    That sound like a plan. Will follow.
    Keep it up.
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    Thanks. Will Update about PPV in a week with Amazon Converting Campaigns, So far Pinterest groups and FB groups joint, Using Mass Planner for last 1 week for social promotion, which is now generating good traffic on daily base.
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    Update - # 1 = 14-12-2015 = 14-Days

    What I have done in Last 10-Days?

    AzonPPV = Amazon Traffic Increased around 400-600 Per day with help of Social Media (Pinterest & FB & YT). But Sales are 0. See Screenshot.


    PPV Network Update = 1 Single Campaign Setup Today with Daily $5 budget with 17 Keywords and campaign is now Active (No Traffic started from PPV Network at the moment.

    My In-House VA Update = He worked 6 days on Pinterest (Mass Planner), and Now working on Following tasks for Each Keyword Landing Page:

    -Web 2.0 Blogs.
    -Edu Links.
    -Bookmarks Manually.

    He worked 3-hours per day for last 8 days. Now he will work 3-hours per day for 3-days week. No Link build So far for any page, just social groups grown BIGGER.

    ROI= $0 in Last 10 Days. Screenshot Above Shows earning $0 in Dec-2015.
    Health (Gym)
    -Started at weight 49.9-KG. Workout on same routine scheduled. Current Weight 50.3-KG. Gained around 4-Pounds only.

    Note: As I said Early I am doing Gym Differently from regular Gym Routines by Trainers. My Goal is to increase "Stamina, Strength, & Power" in Dec-2015.

    Now, Some Basic Guides About Newbies :

    How Amazon Works?
    Answer= 2016 is the Generation of online Shopping, it's proven that around 63% sales increased in last 3-years in online shopping, & Amazon is King of Online shopping. Amazon works simple way, if a person is looking for "Buy" something online and he come to a product page such as "amazon.com/product.php/product_ID/Reference_ali" & made his purchase and got his product delivered by Amazon with 100% safety. So in above URL address, Reference_Ali is going to earn commission on that sale.

    Easy words, You going to become a Sales Agent to earn commission on your referrals. Commission vary upto 4-7% per product depend on sales volume.

    Why Amazon?
    Answer= Simple Answer, if you have a credit card and you want to purchase "Iphone 6" where you will purchase it? On Some "Abc.com" Cart or Amazon.com? Well, I think your answer will be Amazon?

    What is Pay Per View Network?
    Answer= If you are in affiliate marketing business, than PPV is one thing you not want to miss. Because it helps you test your campaigns, success scores, Traffic volumes and help you generate Good results. Basically, PPV [Pay Per View] is Pop under, Popups, etc.

    How PPV Campaigns help?
    Answer= PPV Campaigns help to increase ROI, help you to extent your reach, Prices economically, easiest to start with just some basic knowledge.

    What are Top PPV Networks of 2015-2016?
    Answer= Myself I have only tested 2 PPV Networks [LeadImpact & MediaTraffic], plans to test 50onRed but not yet tested.

    Top Networks According to me:
    -Traffic Vance [Which normally not give approval]
    -LeadImpact [Requires 1000-USD initial Funds].
    -MediaTraffic [Requires 200-USD initial Funds].
    -50OnRed [Not yet Tested.]
    -DirectCPV [Heard many Good things about it].

    There are many others but in my experience these 5 are good to start with. Actually, it's all what works for you? as some people get Good results with DirectCPV and some not. So you will learn with your experience best.

    What Campaigns Works with PPV & Amazon?
    Answer= Answer is very tricky, because sometimes you have good landing page but CPA commission is low, So conversion low which even not cover the PPV costs. and sometimes you get 1$ per action, and makes 1000's of dollars per day. Just remember, you need to invest time and $$$ (1000-2000 USD) for testing the things. It's better you learn lots of things about CPA & Landing Pages before starting, because it's not PPV Fault that you not converted well, As PPV Network is just a Traffic generation Source, It's not going to help you make money if you not know How to Make Money with CPA?

    Skills such as CPA Landing Pages, Selecting Best CPA offers from available.

    How to Get Started?
    Answer= If you REAL Newbie, I will suggest you to start Amazon Plus YT, Or Amazon Plus Pinterest, FREE traffic generating sources. With time and experience once you polish yourself and ready to become REAL Affiliate expert, Than start PPV. At that Time Sky is Only limit.

    I know few friends who earns $20K with Affiliate income, and I know few people who asks me that "hey safi, please help us make $200 per month with CPA & PPV, we will share Profit, etc" So it's not what I can do or what Others can do, It's all about what yOu will do to Become One of those Experts who Earns from Amazon REAL income. REAL Full Time Income.

    In Last Motivational Quote of Week

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    good luck with your journey. have you used ppv for any other niche?
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    Thank you, yes I have tested it with dating email submit and mobile offers.
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    Part Time IM , Full time Enjoyment
    Good Luck OP ..May you gain Wealth and Health.
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    Theatre of dreams :)
    Amazon with PPV never seen such combo before...interesting!
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    Thanks for your Wishes.
    Yes, interesting and different.
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    So, another week pass & it's Week # 3 for my Case-Study of Health V/S Wealth.
    Amazon Screenshot below:

    Used PPV with $70 Funds for traffic for 17 Keywords, Around 138 visitors per day with $5 budget I was able to get with 0.025 cents budget.
    So far 83-sales, & 6.40% Referral Rate. Which is very Good.
    Now, as it was Christmas Month, So Amazon sales were high & bidding system was high also. Conversion was 100%.
    Tips for PPV + Amazon Users:
    - If your landing page is about Trending products (as it was christmas So I selected 7 Christmas Gift products), & your landing Page is responsive with high Good loading time & your keywords selection is Good. than You will convert even 200% from PPV.
    - Step # 1: Select Trend keyword such as Valentine Day Gift.
    -Step # 2: Prepare your Landing Page with Impressive & Real Convincing content.
    -Step # 3: You must know your keywords & Audience, Use spy tools which are used for PPC.
    -Step # 4: Try to use default bid in PPV (0.020) which vary on each PPV Network.
    -Test it for at least 5-7 days before finalizing campaign, because it takes 5-days minimum to see ROI. If you see 0 conversion for 2-3 days that does not means it's not going to work.
    Note: I personally always use 2- Type of Landing Pages & run 2 campaigns with same keywords with $5 (minimum) budget per day for at least 5-10 days. Than I see ROI and concentrate on high converting Landing Page. As sometimes testing multiple campaigns is best way to find profitable offer.
    Wealth Update:
    Wait Gain tp 52.4 KG with No Shape. Will be changing Workout Pattern (Exercise) & might hire Coach for Heavy weight lifting this month or in 3-Month.
    Weight Gain is going smooth, So do Gym (5-days Weekly), but I thinking to modify plan for workout to make it.
    Note: Stopped PPV & Also Gym Closed till 1-Jan-2016. I will not be doing any Work on AzonPPV or Gym in this week.
    Happy Christmas & A Very Happy New Yearto All

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