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    In this thread I will talk about a lot of different Firefox plugins and scripts which could help to develop a CAPTCHA solver for Firefox. I have found a lot of bits and pieces which could probably be used by someone who knows Javascript and probably a few other programming languages as well to code/modify a Firefox extension which will automatically solve CAPTCHA codes. Solving CAPTCHAS is a mayor pain in the ass and we could all benefit greatly from a tool which does the job effectively and for free.

    Note: In case someone already knows a fully functional, free/cracked CAPTCHA breaker for Firefox, please share it. You can forget about this thread then. But personally, I have been looking everywhere to find one, without success.

    Let me begin...

    Webvisum should be interesting. You need in invitation code to be able to use it but maybe someone can get it and maybe it can be cracked. I just found this a couple of minutes ago and I did not read much about it yet. What I have read sounds quite interesting though.

    Webvisum Main site:
    Very interesting blog post about the Webvisum Firefox extension:

    In case you are downloading a lot of stuff from Megaupload, which I am sure a lot of people here do, you might want to have a look at this:

    Megaupload Auto-Fill CAPTCHA

    In case you want to install it, you will need to download the Greasemonkey Firefox extension first:

    Here is the direct download link for the javascript code which you can use with Firefox as long as you have Greasemonkey:

    Here is a nice Firefox extension which uses the same script I just mentioned but supports more one click hosters, including Rapidshare, Mediafire,, zShare, DepositFiles and SendSpace. The extension, which is called SkipScreen, automatically fills CAPTCHAS for the sites and automates boring tasks like clicking on the download links. Do NOT click the large 'Add to Firefox' button to download it, use the 'other platforms' link to avoid having to use an .exe installer. You will be able to directly install the Firefox extension without any additional nonsense.

    Here is the direct download link fore the .xpi Firefox extension file:

    The following tool, Autofill Forms for Firefox, can fill Javascript forms. It supports so called 'dynamic tags' where you can add your own Javascript code to fill forms with more sophisticated values. For instance, you can use a dynamic tag to fill a Javascript form with the current time or date. This plugin could be the perfect base for a Firefox CAPTCHA bypassing plugin, I believe. If someone could write a script for it or use/modify an already existing script, like for example the Megaupload script I just mentioned before, that could work perfectly.

    Maybe there also is a way to use the CAPTCHA solving functions of several of the bulk downloaders out there, like JDownloader. Or maybe someone can make use of the program CAPTCHA Killer, google it to find out more about it.

    I am pretty sure someone around here is able to create a CAPTCHA breaker for Firefox. If you think you are able to get this done, please give it a try.
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