Can you Spoof Yelp Check In?

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    Nov 26, 2015
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    Someone on the web is calming to have a smartphone enabled yelp account creator and check in for each profile. Here is the sales pitch....

    Create as many reviews as you want, watch your reviews become "ELITE" reviews, step by step instructions that also ensure "CHECK IN" reviews.That's right, it has taken well over a year of studying Yelps agorythims and creating a system that works. We guarantee Yelp can't catch on to this and will have no way of beating what we have created. Best of all, it works on ALL review websites, even Facebook, Google, UrbanSpoon, Yellow Pages & "Angies List".PLUS, you will be guaranteed to learn in one session of 30 to 60 minutes. This is a small price to pay for a video, training and directly from the founding source. Just think, for this price you will be writting your own reviews while Yelps thinking they are real reviews. This is 110% tested and works very well. All you need is "1" smart phone, and the rest of the secrets come out once payment is received. so what are you waiting for? the compitition to get on this train before you?

    Besides them spending year studying "Agyorythims".... I don't think you can spoof check-in's unless you are using a local proxy that is close to business geolocation. Unless yelp is getting mobile information from phone gps directly and not cross checking with ip address geolocation.