can imacros do this?

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    Alrite here is what i want to do:

    As we know gmail doesnt allow to access chat history through pop or imap.... i couldnt figure out a way to save and archive my chats on my hard drive.

    I have searched for any software that can do the job but in vain.

    I am total new to imacros.
    I thought if possible may be i could make imacros to go through all my chat history in gmail and save each of the chats in to text files in separate folders named with the persons email id or name.

    I am fairly new to this so have no idea whether it may be possible.

    If this is possible then what would be the level of difficulty?

    Can a newbie like make it work if i sit for day or two cracking on it?

    suggest any alternatives you can think of or something you are already using..
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