Can I get into college? Very few extra curriculars


Aug 12, 2010
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As a senior, the application process has already been initiated but I am lost and don't know where to start. Quite frankly I don't feel ready for college. I am still 16 and most of my peers are beginning their Junior years.

Throughout high school I have maintained decent academics but external pressures have kept me from being involved in the community. Not to sound like a sob story, but I had to deal with alot of stuff. My parents divorced in 9th grade; and as a result I was transplanted half way across the country to Texas. With no friends for the majority of my freshman year I kept mostly to my self. As the year progressed I became good friends with two people who would later change for the worst. During sophomore year my two best friends turned to drugs and alcohol and I was caught in the middle of it. Before you judge me, I never smoked or did any drug, but I was involved heavily with people that did. My best friend was busted for selling extascy and had to spend two years in an alternative school and the other just dropped of the face of the earth. I exerted my best effort to help them but nothing I did ended up working. Professional intervention was the only thing that could help. That aside, I also spent that year living under the wing of an abusive boyfriend who espoused my mom. Fast forward to junior year and I started to branch out and become more sociable. In October I was diagnosed with mono and spent 19 days out of school, jeopardizing my grades and was on the verge of repeating junior year due to attendance. Once I got better it was too late as clubs where established and I was extremely tired following school. Now that I am better, I intend to make the best of my senior year. I plan to join BPA and another volunteering club to help boost my extra curriculars for college, but I fear it is to late. Applications are already starting and I am in between a rock and a hard place.

If you were in my situation, what would you do? I can give you a list of colleges I want to apply to and my "stats" for analysis. Do I have any chance of attending these universities or is my future ruined?

Texas Resident
2000 SAT Score
32 ACT score
3.8 out of 4.0 GPA
6 AP classes including Government, AP US, AP World, Ap Micro, Ap Spanish 4, and AP English Language. (5 on AP world, 4 on ap us, 3 on Spanish language,and 4 on Ap English test)
Top 20% of my class of 700 students

As far as extra curricular go I have:
Been webmaster of school website during junior year
Member of Spanish club
Volunteered at the library after school 4 hours a week
Owned my own business as a web master that developed and hosted websites for local clients
Future member of Business Professionals of America
Future member of Graphic Design and Art Club

What can I do to get involved, andup my chances of going to a good university?

I'd love to attend :

1.Ut Austin
2. Texas A&m
3. UNC Chapel Hill
4. University of Chicago (bit of a stretch but I get letters from them weekly)
5.NYU or Columbia.
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Writing section was added. So its out of 2400 now.

Didn't know that... with those stats you should have no problem getting into a decent school. If finances are going to be a problem, make sure you apply for govt student loans and grants.
I think this is a question better posed to your high school's senior class adviser.
Thanks for the advice, this board seems very knowledgeable though so i will ask for your advice.
My sons had no problems getting into University of Florida with similar numbers and that school is not too easy to get into.

You're doing fine and will do fine.
Thanks for the advice, this board seems very knowledgeable though so i will ask for your advice.
This board is knowlegdable mostly about SEO and online marketing. You will get better response at or other similar college forums. All you will need to give is your stats as you have done in this thread and colleges you want to go to.
It also helps if you are a foreigner, I don't know if you are or not, since I skimmed your op.

Example: A friend of mine at the time of college was from Burma, and he had pretty poor grades, but he was able to get into North Eastern, which is a pretty competitive school.

Reading what you posted, I would say you are qualified, and worrying about it too much.

Relax and go with the flow.
all you have to do is apply to a lot of colleges.

like, you're only trying to get 1 conversion after all.

with those stats, it'll be a piece of cake.

good luck.
I have a friend who made a 29 on the act and had absolutely NO extracurricular activities other than the do nothing honors society. He took practically all of the hard classes and honors classes in high school.

If he would have just made a 30, he told me he could've had a completely free ride to freed hardeman.

They say that where you undergraduate doesn't matter, it's graduate school that matters.

I really don't know one universities rankings from another outside of my own state, but I only made a 23 on my ACT with much less school activities than you and a GPA in the very low 3s and got accepted into the University of TN Chattanooga no questions asked.
Yes, this is just an average school, but they say once you get into a smaller school in a school system (the university of TN school system, in this case) that after a semester you're almost guaranteed into the better of that school's system (in this case, U of TN Knoxville) because if you didn't, they'd have to admit that one schools better than the other.

I think you're worrying over nothing.

SIDE NOTE: I've heard of teens getting into Harvard biz school with less than impressive stats purely because they had a business that made I think $50k in less than a year.
You can get into alot of schools. Seriously, you don't need to worry about that. You can save money or if you didn't get accepted to your school of choice you can go to jr. college/community college and transfer out to a school of your choice (easier).
I'm currently attending Michigan State University but I'm going to go through UNC's graduate program after I get my undergraduate at MSU.

UNC is.... cheap tuition and always a top ranked B-School. The only downside is it's a LONG way from home.
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