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Building my PBN some Questions

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by myk33, May 1, 2014.

  1. myk33

    myk33 Junior Member

    Apr 8, 2010
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    Hi All,

    So over the past month or so i have purchased 6 domains all with good DA/PA and PR. Each domain I vetted to ensure that no spam is pointing to them and i'm confident i have some solid domains to get me started. Each domain has its own theme and i also created a logo for each of them to give it another personalized feel to it. using Ahrefs backlink report i have 301 redirected all backlinks that point outside. Each domain is on its own shared hosting and all have completely different IP addresses.

    Each site i have spend time customizing the theme and adding blog posts which are very well written each around 800 - 1500 words each with pictures and/or videos. These articles are not spun and they are of a quality that give value to a visitor and not just for search engines.

    I am building up the content and linking out to relevant websites and at some point i will drop my link to my money site one by one over the course of a month or 2 rather than all at once.

    As i have spend a lot of man hours, effort and money on getting where i am so far i just have some questions:

    1. Do i have to use other CMS systems, i have tried a few and I find it is a pain to use and customize. WP is great 100s of themes and plugins to quickly install and its so easy to edit the code in theme files and use the CMS itself. I know more than 20% of the web is based on a WP CMS and with my 6 sites all on WP at the moment i have nothing to worry about but moving forward what is my limit?

    2. I try to keep all blog site a micro niche of my money site which it will soon link to. I aim to post around 10 articles (each with an average word count of 1000 words) to each site over the course of a few months and have one of these articles link to my money site. Is it mandatory that i keep updating the blog with new articles every 2 to 4 weeks? in other words is there any value the backlink will bring my SERPs from each blog site if i was to keep posting articles on each site?

    3. I read it is advisable to have 3 - 5 outbound links to other authority sites related to my niche to make thinks look natural. I do follow this practice but does having more OBL per site give less weight in the SERPs to the targeted KW that is being linked from the blog site in question? As this means that each blog post will only link out to another site once or not at all, else i would have over 10 OBL on the home page where all the PR is.

    4. Are PBN working in 2014? Please give your feedback on your recent PBN projects and results. To give me some motivation still ;)

    5. last question which is something i cant get my head around. How come Google still count links that were built to a domain that had expired and then renewed via auction. they can see that this has happened and surly they have an archive of all links point in to this site before the domain was renewed, so why don't they devalue these links?

    the last question may sound stupid but it is something that has been on my mind and with all the time and money i have put into it i just worry that the results will not be good once all my links are live on the blog sites or that Google will crack down on this ever growing method to rank your money site.


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    Mar 4, 2011
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  3. jaselc

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    Oct 14, 2013
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    Mike, sounds like you have done a good job...

    1) Don't worry about it, you only have 6 sites, shouldn't be a problem

    2) You don't need to keep updating them!!

    3) I usually stick with 2 outbound links per article to other authority sites

    4) PBN's are working

    Here's a guide to building a PBN http://doseoyourself.com/build-your-own-private-blog-network-the-right-way/
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