Boost alexa ranking, How do they?


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Mar 1, 2012
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I see some of the websites boosts their alexa ranking over night from nowhere to to 5000. How do they do actually. I have built few websites but i actually totally don't know the way to promote them. I don't even publish them as i get dishearten with the brutality of promotion.
I know SEO but i don't have passion for that. If i go to build facebook page, how many engaged user can make me decent money.
Though i know, no equation is legit here in Internet. Yet i want to get an approximate idea.
Best replier is going to book a piece of land in my heart.
As far as I know Alexa rank is based soley on traffic that comes in. Perhaps they are getting traffic from another site being redirected or using a fake traffic generator on steroids.
Alexa rank does absolutely nothing but impressive friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!
One of my sites stays around 400,000 constantly even though I'm about the only person visiting it. It's based off of people that have the alexa toolbar installed, so if you and a bunch of other people install it and visit your site every day with it you'll go up in the rankings.
I tend to think quite a few people have the toolbar installed, therefore making the rankings fairly accurate.
i have no toolbar installed and one of my sites is currently 120,000 in the world. so basically means nothing lol
The biggest mistake i did while creating thread is choosing like that title. Everybody is skipping my focus point. The websites i am talking about have a huge traffic i swear. They are not cheating. Whos amoung us shows, more than 3-4 thousand online all the time. Thank you for replying all.
It's based off people who've got the toolbar installed, it's sort of a poor sample though, since only web savvy people would have it. Thus you get high rankings for some tech websites, and low rankings for non-tech sites
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