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Jun 22, 2019
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To open a wallet you do not need ID verification only if you want to buy directly.
If I want to use this Walltet only to send anonymously back and forth. Is blockchain suitable for this?
I would like to receive Bitcoins about it and send it on.
So are there any limitations on blockchain or similar?
It's anonymous to a certain point, if you know what I mean.
All you need is email address.
There are no limits on BTC transactions. However, the website can easily log your IP, device information and so on so you should keep that in mind when doing something shady.
Just don't do anything shady on any wallet, they will find out soon or later!
If you want to go anonym. install your own wallet, don;t use third party wallet. than don't forget to make a few wallet mix it. depend on how much anonymity you need.
You can use BLOCKCHAIN wallet to send or receive BTC in any quantity without verification process. You need just an email address to create a wallet and in the next minute you can start using it. Good luck!
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