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Bitvegas Affiliate Program - Earn $1 Per User Referred!

Discussion in 'Other Affiliate Programs' started by Ephemeral, Jul 31, 2013.

  1. Ephemeral

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    Jul 10, 2013
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    Hey guys! Many of you that have been involved in either Bitcoins or Minecraft may have heard about a casino affiliate program within Minecraft known as Bitvegas. For those of you not already signed-up, here?s a (hopefully) informative thread introducing it.
    Bitvegas is an online casino, unique in the fact that it takes place inside of the popular game Minecraft. Unlike traditional online casinos, Bitvegas actually uses Bitcoins for placing bets.
    In addition to being a very addictive and high-quality environment, there is a large community of players that simply like to chat with one-another, and often times I find myself just chatting with others for fun!
    This casino also offers a really easy to refer affiliate program, which will be detailed below!

    Affiliate program:
    To start earning, simply get on the Bitvegas Minecraft server and use the command /referrals. You?ll be given a unique link which you can send to whoever you like. As soon as someone click your link and then joins the Minecraft server, your referral will be credited to your in game account (see below for information on how to withdraw it).
    My list of pros and cons:
    :D Pros:
    + User doesn?t need to sign up in order for you to be credited

    + The server community is very active. If nothing else, it?s a great place to chat.

    + The minimum payout is the amount earned from one referral

    + Payouts are instant (no ?monthly payment? crap) upon request

    + Referral link logs IP, so even if user doesn?t instantly use the server, you?re still credited.

    + You don?t need an account with Bitvegas

    :( Cons:
    - You need to have a valid Minecraft account

    - Your referrals need a valid Minecraft account

    - The price of Bitcoins can be volatile at times

    - No statistics/advanced analysis page for you to track

    - No pre-made banner ads or other promotional materials
    For each user that clicks your link and then joins the server, you?ll get .01 Bitcoins, which amounts to around $1 (at least it did when I wrote this). The amount will instantly be credited to your account. To ?refresh? your balance, enter the command /BTC in game.
    Payment is instant upon request, with a minimum withdrawal of .005 Bitcoins (half the amount you get from 1 referral). Just type the command /withdraw amount (replacing ?amount? with the amount of BTC you with to withdraw) in game. You?ll then get a link with which you can enter a Bitcoin address to send the payment to. That?s it!
    So far my earnings amount to .24 BTC, which at the time of writing is around $26! Click the picture below to see proof.

    My affiliate link :))): bitvegas.net/?id=16060
    Non-affiliate link :)(): bitvegas.net

    Please Note: I am in no way claiming to be an owner or administrator of this service! I am just sharing it for other BlackHatForums users.

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