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Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by prattchad, Dec 13, 2009.

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    May 29, 2009
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    does anyone get good traffic through bing i have a site that has alot of keywords on good pages of bing for the same site but i am lucky if i get one visit every 2 months are so out of all the keywords my site is listed for but in google the some of the keywords are very high traffic keywords here is some of the keywords i have for bing anyone have any ideas?
    earn cash for your opinion 26/3
    earn gift cards by taking surveys 14/2
    earn money filling in surveys 36/4
    earn money for surveys 77/8
    earn money from surveys 77/8
    earn money survey 75/8
    earn money surveys 75/8
    earn money taking surveys 72/8
    free work reading surveys 10/1
    get paid for doing surveys 52/6
    get paid for online survey 27/3
    get paid for online surveys 20/2
    get paid for survey 19/2
    get paid for surveys 26/3
    get paid for taking online surveys 16/2
    get paid for taking surveys 13/2
    get paid for your opinion 62/7
    get paid online 36/4
    get paid online surveys 17/2
    get paid survey 17/2
    Get Paid Surveys 18/2
    get paid taking surveys 13/2
    get paid to do online surveys 40/4
    get paid to do survey 32/4
    get paid to do surveys 30/3
    get paid to online 35/4
    get paid to online 41/5
    getting paid for online surveys 20/2
    getting paid for surveys 14/2
    getting paid to do surveys 16/2
    internet surveys for money 88/9
    online paid survey 24/3
    online survey for money 91/10
    Online Surveys Earn 22/3
    online surveys for cash 55/6
    online surveys for money 88/9
    online surveys for pay 70/7
    on-line surveys from home 31/4
    online surveys pay 83/9
    paid cash for taking surveys 35/4
    paid for online survey 10/1
    paid for online surveys 12/2
    paid for survey 88/9
    paid for surveys 8/1
    paid for taking surveys 7/1
    paid internet surveys 55/6
    paid on line survey 12/2
    paid online 13/2
    paid online serveys 13/2
    paid online survays 12/2
    paid online surverys 13/2
    paid online survey 12/2
    paid online surveys 12/2
    paid online suveys 12/2
    paid survey 88/9
    paid survey companies 38/4
    Paid Surveys 88/9
    paid surveys at home 94/10
    paid surveys on line 20/3
    paid taking surveys 7/1
    paid to do online surveys 22/3
    paid to do surveys 17/2
    paid to take survey 91/10
    Paid To Take Surveys 90/9
    pay for taking surveys 38/4
    prizes for taking surveys 78/8
    start working from home today 74/8
    survey reward for your opinion 47/5
    surveys for cash rewards 43/5
    surveys for money today 7/1
    surveys online paid 16/2
    surveys reward in cash only 18/2
    take paid online surveys 95/10
    Taking Online Surveys 15/2
    Taking Surveys 19/2
    taking surveys for money 84/9
    taking surveys from home 16/2
    work from home filling in surveys 34/4
    work from your computer surveys 2/1
    working from home - surveys 55/6
    work from home filling in surveys 46/5
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    I have a whitehat site that ranks pretty well for some good keywords and I'd say that maybe only 10-15% of my traffic is from Bing... mostly just Google.
  3. adster13

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    Sep 16, 2009
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    yeah, i have a few sites that seem to rank really well in bing yet I get next to no traffic from it and then the same keywords rank far lower in google and I get almost all my traffic from them.
  4. prattchad

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    May 29, 2009
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    ive been checking keyword postion with IBP then checking each keyword by hand to make sure its right i can't find one keyword for my site in google but these keywords are very high in google so i figured i wouldnt get good pages for them but whats weird with bing i am ranking right with the page one sites that are in google for my keywords that are getting tons of traffic and its the same with yahoo i have alot of keywords for my site and no traffic i'm indexd in google it shows i'm not banned maybe sandboxed