BHW member "myien" is a scam

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Aug 27, 2009
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I really hate doing this, as honestly, in all 100+ transactions I made in forums on the internet I have only needed to do it once and since this was my first transaction on BHW, I feel not really comfortable doing this, but since he IS scamming me, I can only hope that he will not be able to scam other people and I sincerely hope that not all BHW members are like this.

So here is the scammer.


On 14 September we had several PM's regarding a job I needed done, see

Payment has been made on the 14th of September as well and when I asked what the turnaround time he said, quote
"Turnaround time would be 4-5 hours as its not that easy to make one really."

That actually seemed very fast to me, but somehow he considered this long, which made me feel he was really gonna work fast on it.

27 hours later, when I saw that he was online, on 15 September I send him this PM, quote

I was wondering how things are coming along.


He then quickly responded with, quote
"Everything is good and the articles will be delivered today. Sorry for the big delay i underestimate the project. Its bloody but yet its handled. Im almost done on it. Thanks for the patience"

OK, no problem for me, I can wait until the day is over.

The next day, 16 September, I see him online and send him another PM asking nicely if he was already finished. No answer.

17 September, again he was online and I send him PM and again no answer.

18 September, yet again I saw he was online and send him PM, this one a bit unfriendly, in which I ask him if he meant 4-5, hours, days or maybe even weeks. You guessed it, no reply.

19 September, now I am getting really pissed of at the scammer named "myien". Again I see his name in green colour, so I KNOW the basterd is online and tell him that I am really upset and if he does not give me a reply by PM, I will post a thread on The Shit List. Mind you that I not even asked for the article, I just asked for a response by PM.

Right now it has actually been more then a few hours, since I had to go somewhere, but still I did not receive any PM, let alone the article I already paid for.

Bring in teh Banhammerz! :p

Yeh read your story when they don't reply chargeback and shitlist 'em ;)
I have reported him to HaRRo and i filed a paypal dispute is there a faster way to get my money back. Im pissed this a**hole needs a ban quick before he scams more people he was just online I sent him yet another pm and no response now he logged off so I know he is getting them. I wish i was face to face with this jerk I would kick his f**king a**.
this guy has the same avatar as demonist check it out maybe it's the same person
Sorry to hear that courey, but thanks for the advice to let the admins/moderators know. I did just that a min ago.
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