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    Hello BHW members,

    Today is a great day to official seek premium beta testers for my YouTube Social Services! Let me say this as clearly as I can: THIS IS NOT A VIEW PROVIDER SERVICE!

    I do not promote views, likes, favorites, comments, subscribers, or any low quality service/products.

    I am asking for people to test my social services for videos, and at this quality I can only afford 5 ultra qualified beta testers at a time.


    YOU WILL NOT submit videos with Adsense for our Beta Service. We do not wish to promote such videos for TESTING Purposes, and such videos will be banned and flagged in mass by our staff.

    1. Member of this board for 7 months or more.

    2. Posts most be around 65+, and you must have at least 1 quality contribution to the BlackHatWorld Community BEFORE this post date.

    3. JrVIP are accepted before regular members that do not meet requirements, and JRVIP must give a solid detailed review of the results and customer service I PROVIDE.

    4. You will not promote CPA, Content Lock, Adult, Low Quality Videos, Copyright Infringement, Commercial Quality, Built For Backlinks Videos, Movies, Absolutely NO Offensive Content Of ANY Kind, or any content that may or will violate YouTube TOS, Privacy Policy, or make my eyes bleed.

    5. The JRVIP must have at least 300 posts to apply, and must have 3 quality contributions to the BLACKHATWORLD Community BEFORE this date.

    6. Your videos will be promoted to real people, you will NOT ask for views, likes, comments, shares, subscribers in any set amount for this service!

    7. You are responsible for your video and niche, you will provide me details for keywords, top videos per keyword, search volume by YouTube keyword tool, and daily views for each top video. You will then provide me with your videos statistics including retention rates, views, country for views, quality of comments, likes, dislikes, outbound links, any inblund links, networks you belong to, and whatever else I ask.

    8. I reserve the right to reject you and your application regardless of what you think. I will reject any video at any time, with no reason given at all. If your video becomes rejected do not try to resubmit it. You will ultimately lose your spot and be banned permanently from testing this service further for any reason at any given time based solely on how I feel at that moment.

    9. If you are testing the service for a client other than yourself you will let me know ahead of time, you and your client will post a honest review held to the same expectations as JRVIP members for this service.

    10. I will use your testimonials of good and fair quality in exchange for your review of this service. Everyone who is accepted into the service WILL submit their testimonial after service completion to me. I will base my service and quality score on it.

    11. If you disappear during the service, I will replace your spot with someone else, and if your order is completed while you are "gone" I will flag and report your video.

    12. In good faith each test will be for the set amount of promotional that I deem at the time of your acceptance. This will be subject to change at any given time without warning.

    13. You are not required to purchase anything, nor will you be presold to any service. You will be required to leave a review in 9th grade level english about my service. You must give a solid legitimate answer for leaving any negative reviews so I can further improve my services.

    14. You must have skype for me to be able to contact you immediately. I will not communicate through email at all, or by any other form of contact. If you leave pms and posts here, they may not be answered right away, which will effect my quality customer service.

    15. You acknowledge that this is NOT a view provider service. This is a ranking service for YouTube and that your rankings may decay or refresh naturally with each YouTube update.

    Description of Beta Service:

    The service is intended solely for ranking videos on YouTube. The beta test service has no fees or any hidden fees of any kind. In addition, the service will be promoting videos over various platforms such as PPC, PPV, CPM with and without pop ups / pop unders, CPA, and Paid Blog Posts.

    The service provides the video natural backlinks, views, likes, dislikes, comments, subscribers, and promotion. The service will only work as good as the video content and quality is, do not expect extreme results for CRAP COBBLER!

    The service techniques will not be revealed to ANYONE on how we achieve results. We reserve the right to not disclose any information at any time for any reason.

    You will receive a PM if you are accepted, I will also alert anyone via post on this thread about who is accepted and rejected. If you spam me with pms to accept you, you will be reported.
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