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    Hi Gang,

    I know these sort of threads get started every now and then but....dealing with FB as we all know is such a fast moving landscape.

    What is everyone's favourite utility for inviting friends to like a Page/Event? Now at the moment we're using "Invite All" which is a Chrome extension. First up I by and large hate Chrome extensions because it just seems to add yet another layer where things could go potentially wrong (and do) but it is what it is and we are where we are.

    Now by and large this utility and large no problem issues but lately we've found that we appear to be getting "Too many invites sent" error messages but when we go in manually and add more friends FB allows us to do it so I'm wondering whether actually we now have the situation where (like adding friends to groups) FB is now calibrating and throttling back the speed at which this and other utilities works?

    Now it may also be the case that there is a "global invite" limit per day/week/month on FB accounts to prevent over use and misuse but again.....pointless trying to raise the issue with FB as they are not going to say.

    It could also be some sort of IP restriction placed by Facebook where there is a limit to the number of friend/invite requests calls made on any one account from any one single IP in any one time...if ya get my drift?

    If so....angst time again but...not necessarily an issue as long as we know what that "invite like speed" level is.

    Anybody else finding these issues?

    Lastly I do want to say this......I sent a support request through to the developer of "Invite All" last night and had a reply back to me within 30 minutes which I was pretty impressed with and will keep the dialogue going.

    What I like about this utility is that it is "Multi User" and only restricted to whatever account you're logged into at that time?

    So please feel fit to share any recommendations or tips here folks as none of us are too old or wise enough never to learn the odd little thing from time to time?