Best Ad Network for iOS?

Discussion in 'Mobile Marketing' started by macbo0s, Dec 5, 2014.

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    One of my apps was making ok coffee money on Admob (Interstitial & banner) and iAD (banner) combo (20k requests, 15-18k impressions $20-$30/day) but Admob decided to stop serving ads to my app. iAd's eCPM is ridiculously low (15k requests, 10k impression daily at eCPM $0.06).

    I then switched to Startapp to use its Interstitial and Banner ads and still use iAd for banners. Startapp was great at first ($15-$20/day on 4-5k impressions, not sure how they count impressions but it is significantly lower than iAd or Admob) but now the eCPM has dropped so much I'm barely making any money. My app has about 700-800 daily active users and 200-300 daily downloads with no marketing. It used be higher before the Admob incident. My users are mainly from the US, Eastern Europe, India and the Middle East

    I'm looking for a high paying, reliable ad network covering world wide to switch. Do you guys have any recommendation? My app is a utility app so Chartboost is not applicable.

    Has anyone had experience with Amazon Mobile Ads iOS API? Please share your experience.
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    Seems like you need to try Supersonic, I saw a banner on makeingmoneywithandroid that says that you can also get $200 to advertise your app if you integrate before Christmas..
    Happy Holidays & Good Luck monetizing buddy :)