Beginners - Most Important Seo Tip Ever

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    Working on My 100th post. :embarasse I was trying to think of what I was going to contribute. In doing that I started asking some of my relatives and some small business owners what they knew <newbie> about SEO.

    I realized that some of the absolute basics are some things I have never seen in this forum. I believe it is b/c most that know to look for Black Hat have to have some white hat - rip off forums - experience before we venture over to the better forum of BHW.

    With that said - My 99th post - I think that is correct at least :bling:

    I wanted to contribute the newbies with the most Basic SEO ever. It is highly important and you do it even if you don't know you do.

    Heading title and CSS coding. Basic HTML

    If you do not get your H1 and H2 and Title correct then you will not get the SEO you are wanting.
    When Google or any Serps visit your site with a spyder they all look at you H1 and H2 tags and your title. Most plugins installed for SEO do this.

    By learning this little craftiness you will be able to arrange your footers and headers and set up simple sites a lot better. I am not saying learn to build from ground up but you are wanting to make money then you better understand some of the basics.

    If you want to play around with this -- Get an EMD that has low competition / read next to none.
    (I used Dentist in a local area. I entered into my handy dandy niche keyword tool ,nichecracker, dentist in townname then I searched on exact and then I entered add to list townname dentist and searched under exact again. I threw out all non emd's. bought the townnamedentist dot com domain that I found. took me 3 towns to find five and i got one with 200 searches a month.

    Then set up a wordpress theme. Install an SEO plugin or go in and code your layout and make the EMD the title and H1 tag. then use H2 as a secondary keyword.
    Make a page as your secondary keyword and do the same on that post.
    Throw a small writing - article - or review with Keyword on both.
    Go to indexkings dot com and get them indexed.
    (extra - i didn't ) Make one wordpress or other web 2.0 post with these as the link if you want to...

    Wait a week and check your rankings... first or second page almost every time.
    I did this last week to check if it still worked after the zoo let out from G and it does.

    Here is a free course that can teach it to you. It says 30 days but they are short videos in the beginning so 2 hours a day for 3-4 days and you are done.
    http://learncss.tutsplus dot com/

    You will want this information if you don't know how to right now and you will definitely want it as you get further into SEO.

    Hope this helps!!
    <p>TRUST ME </p>