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Basic to advanced information about setting up your blog for higher rankings

Discussion in 'Blogging' started by kgrittner, May 27, 2013.

  1. kgrittner

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    Oct 20, 2012
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    Hello everyone, new to posting but have been doing SEO for a long time and have been researching and testing new ideas intensively for a long time.

    The main topic of this post is how i setup my blog that has shown me success with a focus on site structure.
    Opinions may vary but what i love about SEO is there are no right answers, only educated guesses. (take that with a grain of salt lol)

    Im considering that you already have basic knowledge of Wordpress and how to use an FTP account
    and that your using Good On-page SEO practices. I like SeoYoast for wordpress.

    Step 1) Keyword Research: JUST FLIPPEN DO IT!
    While for most of us this is common knowledge im still surprised how many people skip this it is absolutely essential.
    Great sources for this is Market Samurais Dojo. Not Affiliated.

    For each KW find as many related keywords as possible. A good way to do this is do a google search and at the bottom it will give you related KW.
    You can also use the google adwords tool. Then group the KW by relevance.

    Make a page for one of the main KW, then create sub pages with the other relevant kw.

    Main KW
    --> Sub page 1 -- one hyperlink to Main KW page, 2 < outbound hyperlinks to High PR site (I have found these help although may vary) >
    --> Sub page 2 -- Repeat
    --> Sub page 3 -- Repeat
    --> Add more if you can

    Next in the blog create 3 posts for each Sub page

    Sub page 1
    --> post 1 -- Hyperlink to Sub page 1, Hyperlink to Main KW Page, < One outbound High PR site (I have found these help although may vary) >
    --> post 2
    --> post 3
    --> every week / month add new post and build links to it

    Google likes deep linking, so building links to the posts will make it seem more natural.

    Image Folder Structure.
    This is something i feel gets overlooked a lot because Wordpress gives you the auto upload feature that just stores everything in the image folder.
    That needs to stop. You can go into the FTP and create new folders.

    Name the folder after your main KW

    FOLDER --> Main KW
    SUB-FOLDER--> Relevant KW

    Make sure you name you images something relevant to the KW

    Something else I have been experimenting with but has proven to be VERY effective is:
    Adding one image on each of the pages with an alt text that matches my Main KW exactly, this should only be used i found if you have 5 or more images on the page. Remember to use different images for each page. Never a good idea to repeat content.

    This tactic is also called Siloing and from what i found there is a big debate upon its effectiveness. While i suppose it could be said that with Very strong off page SEO this is not necessary.

    Hope this helped someone thanks!
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