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Congrats on your thread approval. Interested in this.
hello sir, I am interested. But I can't add you on Skype via link
Interested. Just to make sure that the product you deliver is ACCOUNT or CREDITS?
Do you also have 5k aws credits accounts?
Not right now, only 10k AWS credits. We have new AWS $10,000 credits accounts available


Telegram at
Skype at

Amazon AWS 10k credits accounts or Free Tier 8vcpu/32vcpu.
Offering review copies or early bird discounts?
$200 OFF, so $700 instead of $900 for next 5 orders
$150 OFF, so $750 instead of $900 for next 6-10 orders
$100 OFF, so $800 instead of $900 for next 11-15 orders

Also have bulk rate discount, just chat to request for more information.

For Sale AWS $10K Credits Accounts - Limited Stock Availability
Normal Price $900 Promo Price $700

Amazon AWS Accounts Credits can be used for varieties of AWS services, most commonly used for hosting servers such as EC2, Lightsail; storage such as Amazon S3; Email such as Amazon SES, complete list of what you can use these credits are as below:

AWS Amplify
AWS App Runner
AWS AppSync
AWS Application Migration Service
AWS Audit Manager
AWS Backup
AWS Budgets
AWS Certificate Manager
AWS Cloud Map
AWS CloudFormation
AWS CloudTrail
AWS CodeArtifact
AWS CodeCommit
AWS CodeDeploy
AWS CodePipeline
AWS Config
AWS Cost Explorer
AWS Data Exchange
AWS Data Pipeline
AWS Data Transfer
AWS DataSync
AWS Database Migration Service
AWS DeepRacer
AWS Device Farm
AWS Direct Connect
AWS Directory Service
AWS Elemental MediaConnect
AWS Elemental MediaConvert
AWS Elemental MediaLive
AWS Elemental MediaPackage
AWS Elemental MediaStore
AWS Elemental MediaTailor
AWS Firewall Manager
AWS Global Accelerator
AWS Glue
AWS Glue Elastic Views
AWS Greengrass
AWS Ground Station
AWS Import/Export
AWS Import/Export Snowball
AWS IoT 1 Click
AWS IoT Analytics
AWS IoT Device Defender
AWS IoT Device Management
AWS IoT Events
AWS IoT SiteWise
AWS IoT Things Graph
AWS Key Management Service
AWS Lambda
AWS Network Firewall
AWS OpsWorks
AWS Outposts
AWS RoboMaker
AWS Secrets Manager
AWS Security Hub
AWS Service Catalog
AWS Shield
AWS Snowball Extra Days
AWS Step Functions
AWS Storage Gateway
AWS Storage Gateway Deep Archive
AWS Systems Manager
AWS Transfer Family
Alexa for Business
Amazon API Gateway
Amazon AppFlow
Amazon AppStream
Amazon Athena
Amazon Augmented AI
Amazon Braket
Amazon Chime
Amazon Chime Business Calling a service sold by AMCS LLC
Amazon Chime Call Me
Amazon Chime Dialin
Amazon Chime Features
Amazon Chime Voice Connector a service sold by AMCS LLC
Amazon Cloud Directory
Amazon CloudFront
Amazon CloudSearch
Amazon Cognito
Amazon Cognito Sync
Amazon Comprehend
Amazon Connect
Amazon Connect Customer Profiles
Amazon Detective
Amazon DevOps Guru
Amazon DocumentDB (with MongoDB compatibility)
Amazon DynamoDB
Amazon EC2 Container Registry (ECR)
Amazon ElastiCache
Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud
Amazon Elastic Container Service
Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes
Amazon Elastic File System
Amazon Elastic Inference
Amazon Elastic MapReduce
Amazon Elastic Transcoder
Amazon Elasticsearch Service
Amazon FSx
Amazon Forecast
Amazon GameLift
Amazon Glacier
Amazon GuardDuty
Amazon HealthLake
Amazon Honeycode
Amazon Inspector
Amazon Interactive Video Service
Amazon Kendra
Amazon Keyspaces (for Apache Cassandra)
Amazon Kinesis
Amazon Kinesis Analytics
Amazon Kinesis Firehose
Amazon Kinesis Video Streams
Amazon Lex
Amazon Lightsail
Amazon Location Service
Amazon Lookout for Metrics
Amazon Lookout for Vision
Amazon MQ
Amazon Machine Learning
Amazon Macie
Amazon Managed Blockchain
Amazon Managed Service for Prometheus
Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka
Amazon Managed Workflows for Apache Airflow
Amazon Mobile Analytics
Amazon Neptune
Amazon Nimble Studio
Amazon Personalize
Amazon Pinpoint
Amazon Polly
Amazon Quantum Ledger Database
Amazon QuickSight
Amazon Redshift
Amazon Rekognition
Amazon Relational Database Service
Amazon Route 53
Amazon S3 Glacier Deep Archive
Amazon SageMaker
Amazon Simple Email Service
Amazon Simple Notification Service
Amazon Simple Queue Service
Amazon Simple Storage Service
Amazon Simple Workflow Service
Amazon SimpleDB
Amazon Sumerian
Amazon Textract
Amazon Timestream
Amazon Transcribe
Amazon Translate
Amazon Virtual Private Cloud
Amazon WorkDocs
Amazon WorkLink
Amazon WorkSpaces
Amazon WorkSpaces Application Manager
CloudWatch Events
Comprehend Medical
Contact Center Telecommunications (service sold by AMCS, LLC)
DynamoDB Accelerator (DAX)
Elastic Load Balancing
VMware Cloud on AWS

Please note that you should not use this account against AWS Terms of Service, this include using the account for mining cryptocurrency, botting, hacking, and illegal activities, please consult AWS Terms of Service page for more detailed information.

Our AWS accounts have gone through standard AWS on-hold verification so it should not anymore receive any verification while you're using it, so as long as you don't break AWS TOS the account should never have issue.

Telegram at
Skype at​
Great seller, account received in a detailed instructions. Delivered in timely manner, basically just minutes after I made payment.

Account works as advertised, 10K credits balance until 2023.

Very helpful seller, thanks for discount.
Great seller, account received in a detailed instructions. Delivered in timely manner, basically just minutes after I made payment.

Account works as advertised, 10K credits balance until 2023.

Very helpful seller, thanks for discount.
Thank you very much.
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