Avoid buying anything from WooThemes


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Apr 29, 2010
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WooThemes has some decent products. WooCommerce is one of the best carts to use but shit like this has made me decide to look for other options:


That is just for the renewal and they want that for almost each plugin, every year. I found a Stripe plugin on CodeCanyon for $29

Yup those renewals blow. Client of mine renews like 4 or 5 plugins a year.
Had no idea they did this...thanks for the info. It is a bit like all the add-on crap that GoDaddy tries to upsell after buying a domain name.
Then when you want support you are presented with this message:

Ticket volume is currently exceeding our resources and it is taking us longer than we'd like to respond to your question. While you wait, you might consider going though our Troubleshooting Guide which happens to be the same steps our Ninjas will follow to begin troubleshooting your issue. Thank you for your patience.
yeh they are expensive, that's how they pay their designers to design crap themes and give them away for free:cool:
Yes, WooThemes isnt a good option. Their prices are insane.
I got sick and tired too of WooThemes Paid extensions. They provide a free eCommerce software - fine - but's it's missing completely basic features such a changing the default order status or having a simple wishlist.

I stumbled upon this website which keep the plugins up to date - from WooThemes plugins to Premium Themes and other premium plugins.

I cannot post the URL cause I'm new but google " gpldl "

There's other sites doing this but this one is free and pretty good IMHO.

Hope you enjoy!
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