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    Hi there,
    I?ve got an interesting challenge for someone who?s savvy with XML files and social media. Here?s what I?ve got:
    • A nice price comparison website
    • An XML file with over 60,000 products including descriptions, images and links
    • A bunch of social media accounts (Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr)
    What I want to do is as follow:
    • Every 30 minutes a tool (the tool/script you have to make!) selects a random product / URL from the XML file
    • It will post this product on a random social media account including a description / link /keyword etc. depending on the network
    • I want to be able to easily add or remove social media accounts from the tool via a config file
    • There should be a kind of logfile showing all posts
    • Please contact me if you are interested to develop such a tool for me or post something in this thread. Shouldn?t be too complicated I guess
    • You?re welcome to give extra ideas or to suggest services you can provide (like opening social media accounts or to suggest other networks)
    • Payment can be made via Paypal or bank transfer
    • If it's interesting to other users we might be able to share & learn from each other


    (Sorry if it's posted in the wrong thread by the way!)
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    PHP Scripting ;)
    That is something I can do that. Since you are planning to do it in a timely manner, i.e posts on every xx minutes and not really rushing, almost all social network's api will allow that. Personally, I have worked with Facebook and Twitter, Pininterest and Instagram.

    Unfortunately, Instagram doesnt really allow posting unless its from a mobile, as of now. So its a no go now. I can make a nice panel where you can configure everything, and let it run on its own.

    And yes, its kind of complicated. You cant really judge the complexity just like that. You obviously need to know how much work is going on behind the scenes.
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    It's not entirely wrong thread but you probably would get more offers from the hire a freelancer section.
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