1. lmarton

    Word translator application

    How complex is to create a simple word translator web application? (from english to my native language) There are a few good domain names available, and maybe I can generate a little passive income with it... I have only $200 budget for this test project...Can a freelancer do it for this amount...
  2. dynamicduoprotocol

    Vidsrc API Intergration

    Hey, So my site is using a non-wordpress movie/tv theme (MTDB by Vebto). It auto imports all movie details ect and i need too somehow intergrate Vidsrc API for there media (film/tv shows) https://vidsrc.me/ https://vidsrc.me/api/ At the moment i have too add each embed link from them manually on...
  3. blackhatpr

    Need to ExperianAPI Pricing details

    Does anyone know what is the pricing details of Experian API : AccuSelect https://developer.experian.com/products/us/auto-accuselect FYI- I have written to them no reply yet and I need this data soon. Any help would be deeply appreciated.
  4. asfrankito

    ❤️ WP Brutal AI - Content AI Most Powerful & Simple Wordpress Plugin for AI automated niches ❤️

    Refund Policy: If an user has purchased the plugin and has not been satisfied within 7 days of payment and access to the product, a fact that the user must reliably prove, they may claim a refund of the payment. BrutalPlugins also reserves the right of admission in any case, being able to decide...
  5. Akenet

    Secure your connections with Ake.net Proxy Network| Powerful API | Free test

    Trusted residential and mobile proxy for 3$ per 1 GB Special plan for enterprise - 2$ per GB for 1TB+ orders 150+ countries to choose from: Germany, France, Chile, European Union, Canada, Finland, Turkey, Japan and many more. Free test for every user! Just comment this thread and get special...
  6. iSellitunesSalesCheap

    Any Free/Cheap Child Panels

    Are Their Any Smm Panels That Offer Cheap or Free Child Panels ? Any recomendations For A Child Panel Script To Connect The Api To?
  7. attentionbender

    Hi, I'm "attentionbender" and this is my 2nd try. I'm an API hacker. I really like Reddit.

    Hello everyone, I'm attempting to introduce myself again, since my first try was deleted. Honestly, I'm still trying to learn the fine art of posting about myself but also avoiding promotion, because I'm like a walking billboard. Maybe because some of the things I do are just so shiny, it's just...
  8. T

    about tiktok Automation

    Hi whb, I would like to do a market research. I see that the tiktok bot in the market is browser simulation. Now I have the ability to restore the encryption algorithm of tiktok important parameters so that I can assemble the api to operate directly. If I provide the api for others to use, I...
  9. Fail

    Need Dev for paid work. (Needs to know basic languages especially py, js, html, etc)

    Need a dev that can make automated scripts ex. I place info such as a message and the script takes this message and clicks through a website or application and places that info into certain slots. Also need a dev for api work, I have my own apis and I need them incorporated into senders for...
  10. W

    How can i use some undocumented api?

    Hey guys, just curious. I know that there're some platform has various api endpoints, but just some of that are documented, others are not. I was just wonder that if you guys still want to use those undocumented API, how you guys know what kind of payload, headers, json v.v.v.v that...
  11. V

    Finally! ChatGPT has an API Now!

    So, as many of the fellow members have already posted that OpenAI has made available API for ChatGPT, and that too, at a rate that is even lower than the previous GPT-3 models. They're calling it “gpt-3.5-turbo-0301.” I think all of us can use this to bank hard while Google still considers AI...
  12. hideath

    ChatGPT is availble via API now! (and whisper)

    https://openai.com/blog/introducing-chatgpt-and-whisper-apis For anyone trying to scale things up, this might be the easiest solution for y all!
  13. Lolipop77

    Want to put doodstream API on streaming websites

    Hey guys did anyone put API of doodstream that replace automatically deleted videos on streaming websites ? Thanks for helping
  14. S

    i need anime streaming api pls

    Hello, as you read in the title, i need anime streaming api Even if it was paid api
  15. thebotmaker

    List of API Marketplaces / Platforms

    There are many ways to make money as a developer, selling API's is one of them. Here is is a list of API marketplaces and platforms that you may find useful: https://apilayer.com/ https://nocodeapi.com/marketplace/ https://rapidapi.com/ https://www.gravitee.io/ https://www.celigo.com/...
  16. A

    Twitter API Flag Limits

    Does anyone know how many actions by the Twitter API would get me flagged? I'm looking for pretty low volume (~100 comments/ day). But I'm not sure if that would get me blacklisted or something. I know using the API to automate is generally not advised but I figured such low volume wouldn't...
  17. jootess

    About JSON file for instant index Rank Math plugin

    Hello I want to create multiple Google accounts and create many index APIs to request 10,000 requests per day. Can I upload multiple JSON files into index api setting for instant indexing rank math plugin at a time? Do we have to upload only one JSON file at a time or can we upload several JSON...
  18. bagrov

    Instagram vs. unofficial API (+ what happened to IGblade?)

    I feel like I have an excellent idea for an Instagram service but I'm not sure if it would make sense to spend money on it because I am not sure what Instagram would think of it. I use this service myself and there are no alternatives that I know of, and this method has helped me to grow my...
  19. hreflang

    How to get 300,000 query search from google in 1 seceond for SEOs :((

    I want to creat google keyword rank tracker service for SEOs as a product. Now, If i have 100 user per month and they want to check 100 keyword daily per plan i should be able to do 300,000 Google searches per month. None of the apis worked for me and can't support this amount of searching. How...
  20. noellarkin

    Wordpress - How To Circumvent Number Of Items Limitation In WP-API ?

    How do I make Wp-API return more than 99 items without having to loop through pagination? I came across some responses on StackOverflow, but most are quite old.
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