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    What If Creating Backlinks Could Be Done With A WordPress Plugin?

    What If It Was Done AUTOMATICALLY?



    The Automatic Backlink Creator WordPress Plugin


    Fellow Marketers,

    What do all websites need to be successful? Traffic.

    What is one way we get traffic? Backlinks.

    I have designed a WordPress plugin that will provide backlinks automatically.

    Here Is How The Plugin Works...

    From within the plugin:

    Input your keywords (unlimited per URL)

    Input the URL you want those keywords to link to

    Choose a category for your link

    Hit submit

    Place the ABC Widget on your site

    Start getting backlinks AUTOMATICALLY!

    How Does It Work?

    The Automatic Backlink Creator has a database on its own server

    When you input links in the plugin and submit them, they go to the server to be stored on our database

    The widget will display random links from the database (it will NOT display your own links on your own site)

    How Does It Do This?

    It will randomly display between 5 - 10 links in the widget

    These links are do-follow

    These links will be indexed by search engines

    It will randomly choose one of the keywords (per link) from the database

    It will randomly rotate the links with every page refresh

    Want To See The Widget?

    OK, Is This All It Does?


    It does quite a bit more!

    You can also submit ARTICLES to the database

    Articles can be submitted in SPIN format (even TITLES!)

    These articles can have your links in them

    How Does The Articles Part Work?

    From within the plugin:

    Create articles with links in them

    Spin the articles and titles IF you want to

    Submit them to the database

    Choose a category for the article

    Create a category on your site for articles to be published on

    Create a WordPress user

    Start getting backlinks AUTOMATICALLY!

    Want To See The Article Area?

    How Does It Do This?

    It will randomly choose an article (daily) from the database to display on your site in the chosen category

    It will NOT display the same article twice on your site

    It will NOT display one of your own articles on your site

    How Does This Get Me Backlinks?

    It will allow you to have your backlinks displayed on potentially hundreds, thousands of sites across the internet

    These sites will be on different servers

    These sites will be on different IP addresses

    These sites will display the links randomly and over time

    The backlinks will appear to be natural and organic

    The links int he widget and the links in your articles will be indexed by search engines creating backlinks for you

    How Do The Search Engines Find These Links?

    I am glad you asked

    I have included a 'monster' list of pinging sites so that the articles that get published will be found quickly

    Check Out The Pinging Feature

    How Else Do The Search Engines Find These Links?

    Well in my effort to 'Over-Deliver' on the plugin I included another feature...

    It will also index your site DAILY to about 10 indexing sites from a list of OVER 3,000 sites

    Just like the ping list, I maintain it on the database, so it will be updated

    Want To See The Indexer Feature?​



    What this does is simple.

    Between the pinging daily when an article is published and the indexing, there should a constant stream of spiders coming to your site.

    They WILL find your links and they WILL index them.

    You Can Set The Plugin And Forget It

    You can create autoblogs with this plugin

    Since the articles will publish daily, that means fresh content will be added to your site on a regular basis

    Create as many WordPress sites as you like

    Create one for every domain name you have

    Install the plugin on every WordPress site you have

    Install a widget on every site with the plugin

    Create a category for articles on every site with a plugin

    Monetize the sites and leave them

    OK, Can I Edit Anything?


    I made it so you can edit BOTH the links and the articles

    This is AWESOME!

    You can edit your links as your needs change

    When the plugin alerts you about your keyword rankings, you can add these keywords into the system to increase the rankings

    Editing the articles is AWESOME!

    You can edit the article by adding more paragraphs, in spin format or not, and as the edited article gets distributes, this will create even more unique content that will create backlinks for you...


    OK, Is There Any Limitations?

    Yes, you are permitted to have up to 550 URLs in the database

    Each URL can have 4-6 keywords attached to it for random rotation

    You can submit unlimited articles to the database for distribution

    For each site you install the plugin on, you MUST install a widget to submit links to the database

    For each site you install the plugin on, you MUST create a category to have articles posted to if you want to submit articles to the database for distribution

    There are certain rules about the article structure. These rules are no different than most other services

    There are rules about what type of links are permitted

    The preservation of the network and users will ALWAYS be made a priority

    Do All Links Have To Point To My Site?


    *Please Note*

    I am already working on upgrades and NEW features for the plugin...

    What does this mean for you? If you buy NOW you will NEVER pay a higher price as more and more features come online[/SIZE]

    Go ahead and buy now
    and start creating backlinks automatically!

    The only charge is the $37 monthly.
    Once you purchase click on the Return To Merchant
    'Leverage Marketing Enterprises'
    to be brought to the download page



    P.S. I am already making a list of new features I am going to be adding to this plugin.

    I am committed to making this a 'mandatory' WordPress plugin for anyone serious about building backlinks and traffic to their site.

    I will be asking people who are using the plugin for ideas. I want everyone who uses the plugin to be able to find a value in the service.

    This price will be temporary, because if some of the features work out, there is a good chance when I offer it again, the price might be higher.

    By grabbing it now at this price and staying active (not canceling) at this price, I guarantee that you will be *locked in* at this price for LIFE. You of course can cancel at any time.

    Any new features and upgrades will cost you no more money EVER, even if the price increases.

    If you cancel from this special price, you may use the plugin again in the future. You will have to purchase it at the going price at that time.

    Buy Now(aff link)
    Non-Aff Link
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    This section is generally to discuss promoting your products (looking for affiliates) and not selling to the affiliates.
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    This thread will disappear into the great abyss shortly
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    Automated backlink creator sound interesting...
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    join date of 2009???!!!! you should know better than to post this here!
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    Non-affiliate link. Why do you want it to go thru
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    I sleep with your girlfriend.
    From a buyers perspective, tell me why I want to pay $37/month for this over spending a one time fee of $57 for scrapebox?
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    Wow. This thread has been up for three hours. Mods must be on a break. :eek:

    Another monthly fee. I'm fee'd to death as it is.
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    I think it could be a good product to sell to the general public (non bhw newbies) who are desperate for links and have no clue about scrapebox, xrumer etc....
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    can i have the nulled version??? huahahaha..........:D