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I've receive today this from paypal. The limited my account. I do dropshipping and I provided them all the answers with no bullshit. Will see how it goes. Anyway I was going to get one of US account from BHW marketplace. Who knows maybe they will unblock it. The only thing worries me is that how to deal with such limitations in the future? How to avoid it? Here is what they wrote

1) Submit copies of your business license as well as any other documents or forms approved and issued by the government in the location where your business operates.

2) Provide an explanation of the recent increase in volume processed within your PayPal account and your expected monthly volume going forward.

3) Please provide us with details of your inventory management:
- Description about your Inventory Management model.
- Do you have items in stock, ready for sales? If you don't, how much time do you usually need to prepare your stock?
- The percentage of your stock (dollar amount) vs. your revenue (dollar amount), and the sales prediction for the amount of stock that you currently have.
- How do you manage and prepare your stock with your supplier(s), such as your stock cycles, quantities and etc.?

4) Please provide us with some photos of your inventory.

5) Provide the following contact information of your supplier(s):
- Company Name
- Company Phone Number
- Contact Person's Name and Contact information
- Company's address and website

You can submit either a copy of your supplier's name card or upload a screenshot of a text file that displays this information on your screen.

6) Please provide copies of the original bills of sale or sales invoices referencing your purchase or acquisition of the items you are selling now.

7) Provide proof of delivery for the following transactions:

8) Provide an explanation of the recent increase in refunds processed within your PayPal account.

9) A written statement detailing your refund policy.
PayPal was recently investigated by the DOJ over allegedly enabling money laundering, so I believe they are watching their customers more carefully. All you need to do is give them straight answers and they will review your account. Unfortunately, this has created a dragnet that has made business with PayPal almost unbearable for many. I am avoiding doing business with them as much as possible.
Hello, few days ago I made new ebay account. Also made new Paypal account. On ebay/com it shows that i can list 50 free listings, but I was able to list only one listings and I added quantity 10. Now everything is sold out, want to again sell it but when i press "List item" it says request higher limits and call ebay. I called them and entered that one time pass and it said that everything is okay and can't lift limits. But I still see that I have 49 free listings but can't add anything, why is that so? What to do? Also got some feedbacks from buyers, have 4 feedbacks
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