articles and gdi questions?

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    Articles and GDI questions

    Hi champs!

    I love this forum and will never surrender to anyone else!, maybe my fiance', she got the power :).

    This is my first post at blackhat world I'm sorry its a question thread more than a method tread, but that will come later on!.I need to find out some stuff about articles!.

    So I'm in this process that I bought a GDI website and untill now I have only been doing wordpress so its a little different from what i'm used to.

    Ok here goes, sorry if some of it is newbie questions:

    My thought is I have about 100+ keywords that I want to write 5-6 articles per keyword using 5-6 different article writing styles!.

    Styles are:

    frequently asked questions
    mistakes people make when
    5 steps to
    quiz (test yourself)
    How to article

    So I recon if this was wordpress then I take one of the styles and publish that to my website and take the remaining 4-5 styles and publish to Ezine,docstoc,scribd and goarticles right?

    So lets say i have written articles for 100 keywords in 5-6 different styles in wordpress i would publish the main style as a post right? and the other 4-5 I would publish to the article directories mentioned?. That would mean that I have 100 Unique articles on my wordpress website! and 4-500 unique articles pointing to my website.

    Then i'm planning to make synonyms on all 4-500 articles and spin them 100 times and take 20x500 and link to the 4-5 articles that then link to the website good or bad idea?

    What if this was not a wordpress site, but a GDI site?. GDI doesn't have posts like wordpress and they are limited to 10 pages per site. They have an inbuild website builder where there is a tab called text where i can paste text into the page. For every text I use would that count as an article or post like wordpress?

    I want my site to have unique content, but am in doubt about this one.

    Does anyone know which article style is the best to use on your website in general?

    Also is there a way to use a sitemap on a gdi website?

    Anyway im sorry for the long written post i think i have alot to learn about shortening things. Any help is useful I just need some clarity on a few things. And if you have any other input please tell me what your thinking! Any ebooks about article marketing that i might will benefit from reading please point me towards them. I'm always whilling to learn.

    Sincerely beb

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    I will use wordpress so no tension of 10 page fix... I will put how to on my main site and others on directories as you said...

    I will always keep unique content on site... But for other articles i will spin them and keep making links... I am not explaining steps because you already aware of every thing...

    BTW for ezine i will use either mistakes or 5 steps article... They are not only for back links but they are also good source of traffic...
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