Art Selling Journey [Etsy, Blogging, SEO]

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    Hi everyone,

    Ive decided to finally start a journey for selling my art online. Its a passion I've had since I was very young and its something I'm actually really good at. I have a personal Instagram page that's reached 17k (with the aid of tools found from BHW of course) and I've been able to sell some pieces through it.
    Ive also created custom shirt designs for people who've seen my work.
    This is something that I work hard on and I could definitely make a living from it if I market myself right.
    My first step has been opening an Etsy shop. I plan on expanding to T-shirts and prints later on, but for now my focus is original artwork.
    I set up shop about 3 weeks ago and put up 4 listings. I also signed up for the free version of marmalade. Marmalade is a SEO tool for the Etsy website.
    I am have 2 art related Instagram accounts that link to my Etsy store. One account is my personal art account, and the other account shares art from other people. This is my only source of traffic to my store at the moment.
    Plan of Action
    -Continue to add listings to my shop and use Marmalade to improve onsite SEO
    -Post on Instagram to bring Social Media Traffic to my Etsy listings
    Other Considerations
    -Create a blog??
    -Reading around BHW the best long term strategies I've seen includes having a blog/ website that can be prompted through SEO and collecting emails of potential buyers.
    1. $100 per month through online sales
    2. $200 per month through online sales
    3. $300 per month through online sales
    4.5.6-- you can see how this is going to go

    October Stats
    Etsy listings: 4
    Etsy Sales: $0
    Overall Sales: $0

    If you have experience selling art online or selling with Etsy please leave any feedback or comments