May 8, 2012
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"The tool loved by professional SEO's and internet marketers around the globe! Everyone knows this simple fact: the more sites you got, the more traffic you receive and the more traffic, the more sales you get. If you are making money online with advertisement in any form, then this tool is for you. Build private networks (PBNs), Affiliate websites, MFA, Doorway, Landing pages and much more - all fully automated! You can create content rich websites with thousands of pages in literally seconds. promote products faster and easier than ever before."


The software can be used to:

- Create Direct money pages to promote affiliate or own products
- Create MFA sites for adsense or other PPC/PPV programs
- Create PBN's: Private blog networks to increase ranking of other websites
- Create Doorways or Landing pages
- Create Promotional blogs for product advertisement
- Generate Spiderfood for cloaking
- Build Huge site networks to generate traffic
- Scrape and rewrite articles with support for multiple Search engines and advanced filters
- Scrape Titles or Keywords
- Generate huge content databases in SQL format based on keywords and categories
- Easy access to content with internal database client (no need to install MySQL!)
- Scrape Images and Youtube Videos
- Post hand made articles for whitehat campaigns
- Auto Spin articles with internal synonym and phrase databases
- Schedule Posts/Pages to be created for years in advance
- Fully automate Wordpress
(Install WP/Configure/Install and activate plugins and themes + more)

..and lots of other methods all related to SEO and internet marketing!

NEW! Auto Spinning in English, Russian, German, Spanish, French, Dutch and Polish (more to come) WITHOUT ANY EXTERNAL SERVICES!
Turn text into spintax fully synonymized. With the included Advanced Article Scraper you can easily clean and auto spin scraped text with the push of a button!

To get 10% OFF!




Instant activation after payment has been received 24/7 !
No subscription, one time fee only!!


- Content Generation
- Markov Chains
- Exclusive Pseudo Markov for more readability
- Thesaurus Synonymization for almost any language
- Additional custom User created Thesaurus support
- Nested Spintax
- Randomized Interlinking
- Keyword Permutation
- Smart backlinks distribution within the text
- Comes with over 30 ready to use themes
- Easily use any existing Theme or Website Template
- Dynamic placeholder system
- Create Sitemaps (HTML and Google Sitemap) and RSS feeds
- GEO data with Google Maps integration and KML file creation
- Professional Website Scraper with xpath and regex support
- Google Text and Youtube Video Scraper
- Auto generate complete CSS design
- Randomized and controlled Keyword distribution within titles and text
- Add selected pictures,videos or code randomly into content
- Upload generated sites directly to your server
- Mass XML-RPC Pinger
+ much more!



With this software you can also fully automate the creation of Wordpress blogs.
The program can install and configure Wordpress on your servers, install themes and plugins, create posts/pages/categories all on autopilot.



- Configure general settings, permalinks, widgets and themes
- Easily installs and activates new themes
- Create posts or pages
- Keywords and tags randomly selected from files
- Include images and video within posts or pages
- Automatic interlinking
- Automatic plugin installation from a list of plugins
- Automatic wordpress update on unlimited amount of wp-installs
- Automatic server side wordpress installation in < 1min
- Mass mode - posting to multiple sites at once
- Article mode - post articles to either a single blog or a list of blogs.
- Scheduler to create posts after a defined amount of time
- Scheduled timed posts in the future (no need to keep argo running)
- Automatically add code (affiliate banner, tracking code etc) into sidebar text widget
- Categories creation
- Optimized markov and spintax handling
- Automatic widget configuration and order
- HTTP Authentication (htaccess) support
+ much more!


NEW! extensive plugin architecture, first few plugins are available here:

+++ UPDATE +++

We just released a new version with a state of the art Article scraper and AUTO SPINNER with INTERNAL synonym and phrase databases!
That means you don't need any service like Spinnerchief or Word AI, ARGO can scrape and turn articles into spintax easily. The scraper can gather articles and store them in an internal SQL database for later use (no need for an external database server, its all handled by a single application).


New - Scraped articles can be auto translated via the (free) Yandex API to many languages as well!
A full list of supported languages can be found here:



Only 229€ (+taxes) ONE TIME! (- 10% OFF if you use the BHW discount!)
Imagine how much money you can save from website building costs, spinning/article services/indexing and so on.
This SEO toolkit has so much features packed into one amazing tool. You can easily make the money back with affiliate commissions or PPC sites that you can create with this software!

Try the award winning and most sophisticated website generator on the market today!

Constantly developed since +7 years by a programmer with over 20 years experience, this is not your average SEO tool!​
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Reviewed html site creation only. Wordpress install not tested - feature requires root access via SSH and admin privileges to configure vhosts and wget module. File upload is SCP instead of ftp, so automation is unsuitable for shared hosting.

html creation was quick and relatively simple, although requirement for SCP to upload resulted in manually uploading generated files with filezilla. Created sites worked well and used spun content and images based on seed text provided. Wouldn't recommend software for beginners as there's a lot to learn but could save time for experienced users and large scale installs.
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I really didn't want to leave a review because I honestly don't trust the majority of BHW users, lol. But ARGO is the real deal. If you've ever dreamed of being able to click buttons, check boxes, and fill in some fields with a few words to create a fully functional website then this is it!

There are some technical nuances as apricot mentioned that this is not a user friendly software for beginners which is more or less true. But I believe if you have the basics of hosting, wordpress, and scraping down then you can make this work! The manual site upload via ftp is so easy, it's laughable. Yes, I'm exploring hosts that give shell access and it's another world which I find that you can adapt to if you have the basics of cpanel/whm hosting under your belt which most of you should have. Even if you choose to stay with shared/reseller hosting then ARGO would still save you hours and hours of work!

You should also know a bit about about html and light php to edit templates to your liking. In other words, if you can recognize basic html tags (images, colors, etc.) then you can do this. If you can go into the wordpress editor to edit things like css, footer.php, and other easy files then you can do this.

People have to realize the power that ARGO adds to site creation. It can create money sites and churn and burn sites as well, just keep in mind that you have to edit templates more to get money site quality and lighter edits (just to make it to your liking) for cash and burn...and then there's everything in between. But keep in mind that once you make these template edits then you're all set going forward.

The user forum is active and I really like it. There's vets that have been in the game for yearzzz and then you have people like me, still picking up this side of the IM coin. They've all been helpful with great attitudes. Plus it's private so no public lurkers. Styx the developer is also highly active in the forum and his support is great - responsive to my emails with a caring sense that the issue you describe is important to resolve and does so in a very timely manner.

I would say that if you're on the edge of beginner to intermediate you can definitely make ARGO whistle and hum along nicely! The only "advanced" portion (to me) is the shell access and linux commands BUT you don't need that level. I can see how it makes it even faster and HUGE SCALABILITY potential if you know that stuff, but it's not necessary at all and doesn't take away from the power of ARGO. If you are a beginner with no experience in very light html, wordpress, or navigating whm/cpanel to setup accounts/installs then you really aren't ready for anything in IM lol.

ARGO is a game changer. While others are writing content or paying someone else to write them you could have a small army of sites up and running, already indexed, bringing in traffic, and possibly sales by the time Matt Cuntz receives his articles for review and became frustrated that he had to send back 3 of his 5 articles for grammar and mispelling edits costing him another 2 business days before he even posts one single word to the web.
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first review copy taken, waiting for the results. anotherone still left if anyone is interested!
oh and thanks again deth_by_uv for the nice extra review, much appreciated :)
I just purchased this but it is rather annoying not to have a better website upload guide. I am sure that this software will be amazing once fully configured.
Looks pretty rad. Does it come with video tutorials, too?
there are some videos, but tutorials come in text form. there is an extensive help.pdf included that explains everything in detail and we also have a private user forum where we post some extra tutorials and tips+tricks. also you can connect there with other argo users to get additional help.

I just purchased this but it is rather annoying not to have a better website upload guide. I am sure that this software will be amazing once fully configured.
if you have problems you can always contact our support, but the upload mechanism is really easy and doesn't really require an extra tutorial (its explaind in the help.pdf already btw).
you can use the builtin SCP upload if your server has SSH support, or you can use any uploading program you are comfortable with already such as filezilla or other ftp clients.
if you generate a site it will be stored in the "html" folder inside the main argo directory. simply upload the contents of the "html" directory to your webspace, thats it. :)
I am interested in purchasing this Tool but u dont offer and refunds if it is not working..

Any trial version available to test it first before purchasing?
we offer refunds if its not working at all on your system (and if its clearly caused by argo, not a broken windows install for example) and we can't find a solution for the issue, however all current windows versions are supported including the new windows 10 and we give support to make sure it works for you :)
there is also a demo version on our website however it is based on the 1.8.0 version and current is 1.9.4, so some features like the article scraper aren't available in the demo yet. the demo is very limited because of the nature of the program to avoid cracks and misuse. however you can use it to get a basic idea and also make sure it runs on your system.
please let me know in case you have more questions!
My honest review...

The docs on this on very thorough, as long as you follow along you won?t have any issues with getting your project started. I recommend reading it all through at least once. This comes with a ton of pre-built templates that I suggest you take your time with and modify a bit. You probably don?t want to use stock templates, for example the footer to avoid footprints? Nothing beats your very own custom template.

The content part contains a lot of goodies and various options to make it as unique as possible. I suggest you take your time and invest in a really well written on subject base article. The better it is the better results you will receive.

Other than that, it?s pretty straightforward, it just bangs out a 50+ page website in seconds. Everything is legible, well linked content. It can be as quick or as in detail as you want it. The possibilities, especially if you do local marketing are endless. Going to see how this will work with github pages? might be a cheap way of getting lots of it hosted.

No BS, straight up it does what it says it does and does it very well. Very happy with this, wheels are spinning J ? You can?t go wrong!
Can it be used to generate italian language content, please? How can I test the quality of italian texts generated by Argo, please? I don't need for english website, only for italian ones. Can you tell me more or give me some examples, please? Thanks
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