Appnext Blocked Accounts


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Mar 17, 2016
No notification received before they block my account.
I can't login to my account.
Suspended my account for no reason.
No explanation was offered.

All I get is this email.

"Appnext Blocked Accounts

This is a notification that your Appnext account, "x" has been terminated.

Reason for termination: Violations of the Platform Terms & Conditions.

Possible reasons for the account termination:
Violations of any of the Policies as denoted in Section 7 of Appnext’s Publishers T&C, or Policies as denoted in Section 4 + 6 of Appnext’s Advertisers T&C.

If you feel the termination may have occurred in error, please reach out to the Appnext support team. Please note that the accrued earnings will be withheld.

Please do not consider registering a new account to the Appnext platform. It will be recognized by our Compliance team, and immediately blocked as a potential T&C violator.

Policy from Appnext"

Normally :

"Usually when an account is flagged as a suspicious account we DO send a questionnaire about your traffic."

So i emailed the Head of support team that all i have done is changed my email, and updated my payment address.
Then received an email saying :

"Hi there,

Your account might have posed a risk to Appnext publishers, therefore we have disabled it to protect our publishers' interests.

As outlined in our Terms & Conditions, Appnext will use its sole discretion when determining instances of invalid activity.


Note : I am already a member more than a year, and start earning for the last two months.
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