Anything to auto post from FB page, from FB Group by keyword?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by djbankrupt, Aug 2, 2016.

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    Has any one run across a script that can search the Facebook Groups that you are already a part of, and then auto - share those posts to your facebook page. I see allot of let's spam facebook groups that no one reads, but what about harvesting information from FB groups that people are hoping will be shared by other pages, by hopelessly posting to facebook groups all day.
    It would be insanely cool, if you could have a software that searches the Facebook Groups you are already a part of , for relevant content to post to your own FB Page, by keywords, or something. Has anyone ever thought of this, or made something like this yet? So, whatever your Niche market is, you're likely already in those groups, and then have to manually click Share, to your Page. It's a little different idea right? But , the opposite way , it searches the groups, then posts to your page by keyword, or phrase. for example if you wanted to share videos related to your niche, it would filter all facebook page posts that have a video, then auto post that shit automatically to your page, once a day, or something to stay in fb rules etc.